I can’t wait!!

I’m going to want to knit everything in Jess Hutch‘s pattern book. I love her new guy Squarey so much!! Her photo of his extreme cuteness made my day.

I’m especially excited to take up knitting again because my sewing projects are driving me crazy! Right now I’m working on cutting out a square from a finished doll quilt because my mini iron was inadvertently resting on it and burnt a hole in it. sigh.

11 thoughts on “I can’t wait!!

  1. hannah says:

    he is awesome! must get my hands on that booklet! i wish my parents/in-laws were more internet savy, i have so many things on my list this year that are online…phooey.

  2. Heidi says:

    Squarey looks like he’d be a snap with a knitting machine…but if you’re like the rest of us you probably don’t need more tricky craft gear to operate. Thank you for sharing the pic! He’s cute.

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