happy lucky me!

some new fun things have come to live with us lately.

Sunni spoiled me rotten in a mini-swap we had for some fabric. She sent me one of her cutie elephants, a bunch of fabric and even a Halloween bat for Oscar. Thank you so much Sunni, I’m in love with this little elephant!

Corinne sent me a wee acorn as a thank you for the crocheted apple I sent her. It’s awesome Corinne I love it! She’s found a perfect home with the gourds.

I never mentioned how we ran through Renegade Craft Fair in about 30 minutes a few weekends ago. Luckily we went on Saturday and didn’t experience the mud slide on Sunday. I wasn’t able to do nearly as much shopping as I would have liked but I did pick up this cool thank you card from Hammerpress and this awesome wooden bead necklace by prettily10.

The last new arrival the postlady dropped off yesterday while we were working on our annual pumpkin decorations. My swap package of Japanese goodies from Blair (to whom I sent WR-1138). Blair offered up some crafty treats her husband had brought her home from his trip to Japan and I jumped. So glad I did! She sent some Karel Capek tea bags, a cute little zippered bag, some great fabric (love those girls with their dolls one!!) and this amazing knitting book, Knitting for the Home (ISBN4-277-17185-0). Thanks so much Blair. Hope you enjoy your wee robot as much as I’ll enjoy all of this.

11 thoughts on “happy lucky me!

  1. Blair says:

    WR-1138 arrived today, we love him! He is even better in person, if that’s possible. This was a really fun swap and I’m so glad you like all your goodies. Yay!!!

  2. Blair says:

    Oh, I just found the Wee Wonderfuls stamp/patch you put in the box. Would it be weird if I sewed it on a T-shirt for my son? Its works…he is wee and usually quite wonderful….

  3. robin says:

    what a great swap! so many lovely things.
    there is something intriguing about the girl in the knitting book. in that one picture with her sitting against the wall with the afghan on her lap, i feel like i’m missing the box of crayons beside her as she lazily draws on the wall above her head. –why do all your posts get 80s songs stuck in my head? and why do i love it so much??

  4. carol says:

    I am sort of a “lurker”. but I also went to the renegade fair as well. We were just at the end of our shopping on Saturday and got stuck in the rain. I unfortunately stepped in way too many questionable “city” puddles in sandles!
    I got some great goods too. I actually bought some Hammerpress stationery…so great. My sister bought a dozen cards to add to her dozens and dozens of unused cards!
    Anyway, it’s only fair to give you my blog so you can see what I got…if you want…nathan.shackelford.org/carolblog.htm (sorry, I’m not sure how to link…you’ll just need to scroll down to find the goods)

  5. Jenny Harada says:

    What a cute little elephant!
    Wish I had seen you at Renegade. You proabably didn’t make it to the furthest reaches of the mud puddle, which was where I was. I also got an acorn from Corinne last weekend at Craftin’ outlaws. Mine is named Al. I love him! I was wearing him as a brooch and my baby thought it was hysterical and enjoyed swatting him around. hehe!

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