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I’m so excited to be a part of this show! And more than a little freaked out that I have absolutely nothing done for it yet. I have to figure out how long it takes to ship things to Australia so I’ll know exactly how many days I have. I’m thinking of making a set of Christmas dolls. At least that’s the latest page in my sketch book. I’m loving all these colors from vintage Christmas books. Time to dig through the fabric shelves and see if I have any matches.


4 thoughts on “and then

  1. carol says:

    what fun fabric…scary to think that this sort of thing gets me happy! i find it very comforting to know that others have stashes of fabric like myself…your stash seems a lot “cooler” though!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Hi– I can help with the Australia thing. If you use the large Global Priority envelope(not the crazy fast Express one that is millions of dollars, but the one that is under 4 pounds for $7) your package will arrive in a major Australian city in almost exactly 7 days) If you need more protection, there is a tyvek Global Priority bag that you can put a box in, & it will take about 7 days too. It is more expensive than the envelope.

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