a patchwork robot

first I tried felt, then wee, now patchwork

I had the idea of making a robot in the same was as my dolls and while I don’t want to play robot favorites, this guy is making me very happy because he’s so squishy and huggable.

The patchwork panels on his chest and the stripes on his arms are from a quilt block Amy sent me a while back. I just love brown and yellow together. These fabrics were very close to becoming a Patchwork Set girl. Instead they filled a more technical destiny in the exciting world of robotics!

36 thoughts on “a patchwork robot

  1. Snowbear says:

    oh, let me be the first to comment here and say the patchwork is working on this here robot.
    But you know this already!
    That’s why they call you wee wonderfuls!

  2. Blair says:

    He is AWESOME! My son is suddenly very into robots, so I’m really clued into them and appreciate them these days. This guy is absolutely wonderful and I love every detail! As usual, your work is superb. Is this one for Morphe?

  3. mamaloo says:

    This robot looks so mighty and happy! He’s a perfect robot for little’uns. Or me. I would love to cuddle him every night and day. I would love him and nap with him and whisper secret secrets in his ear.

  4. Jossette says:

    I have that japan map poster !!!!!!
    Hum. I might sound crazy cos I don’t think I’ve commented before- I’ve been watching your blog for quite some time!

  5. amy k. says:

    I love him!! I want to know more about him. like his mission? and I LOVE his pincers(claw hands)and that second photo is soooo good. they all are, but that one is my fave.

  6. Connie says:

    He is so Cute!
    Great idea to use the block, has me thinking about the pile of quilt block I have. Great site and wonderful talent you have.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I love this high-tech object made of old-fashioned materials. I love that he has a slightly menacing posture, but that sly and sweet wee wonderfuls smile. As usual, you have thought out every detail. My favorite of your robots!

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