A new model of the wee robot, WR-1138. Fully equipped with the latest technology. Impenetrable exterior made of felted wool sweater, state of the art control panel is beaded knitting, button on button eyes for superior vision and floppy i-cord arms with glass ball buttons for pincher gripping. Communications-wise his floral wire wrapped in metallic embroidery floss antennae picks up robot signals from around the world.

His first assignment: go out and be swapped for Japanese contraband.

21 thoughts on “WR-1138

  1. robin says:

    darling! at first, cause i read too fast (and miss things) i thought you knitted his body. i think my initial reaction was anger –ha! such the ever supportive blog pal, eh? not that you couldn’t. regardless, he is shaped impeccably and so so cute. nice work, as always!

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