William Eggleston

Ok, photography is not "cute" per se but I’m still including it in Cute Off! because it’s one of the things that’s really got my blood pumping these days. I’m embarrassingly out of the loop when it comes to photography. I was trying to figure out why this is and remembered that I declared my art history major so late in the game that I wasn’t able to take many electives and that’s how I managed to walk out of college without taking any courses on photography. Shameful! I’m just now starting getting clued in. The latest amazing photographer on my radar is William Eggleston (via Gayla) and now I’m obsessed.

Time to ditch the 740s for the 770s at the library.

3 thoughts on “William Eggleston

  1. amy k. says:

    love the shopping cart with the plant. and who says the cute-off has to be cute? great images. and I like you can be so FAR out of the loop, that you are actually cool. that’s my theroy.

  2. rosa says:

    A few years ago my father gave me a book of William Eggleston’s work called The Democratic Forest. He’s been one of my favorite photographers ever since. So nice to find his website thanks to you!

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