Nancy Lorenz

I’ve had an article on the painter Nancy Lorenz (more here) clipped out of a magazine and up on my inspiration board for forever. I love everything about her paintings. The sparkle and shine, the organic forms and especially the use of an unexpected material — the mother of pearl. I’d love to someday find a way to do the same to fabric. Wouldn’t that be so cool to hae a glimmery shimmery art quilt hanging on the wall. Is my inner 70s disco-child showing?

"Nancy Lorenz uses mother-of-pearl, pigment and, often, layers of shellac in her work, creating a highly refined surface. Gradually shifting in tone and color, her abstractions relate to the Asian landscape painting tradition in their ability to evoke endless space. Lorenz lived in Japan for five years and later worked as a restorer of lacquer antiques. These paintings combine the artist’s interest in Asian craftsmanship and materials, while also allowing a more gestural and incidental approach associated with abstract oil painting."




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  1. Kate says:

    Windsor and Newton make lots of stuff that you can mix with acrylic paint, like irridescence and tiny glass beads. I keep meaning to try this on fabric. It worked on chamois. Angelina gives sparkle, of course. I use the inside of crisp packets which are shiny silver and make good shisha mirrors with the sewing machine. (I am aware that we’re the only country on earth that sells individual packets of crisps (chips) so that’s not a sweet lot of help!) Silver chocolate wrappers are good. Glitter glue is good, too. Just spread it on thinly, but as it is a clear glue it shows less on white fabric than black. Have fun and experiment!

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