lauri faggioni

I was scouring the internet last night for images of Lauri Faggioni’s creations. I found these over here but had no luck finding bigger photos of these guys anywhere. (ever notice how new york boutique and fashion stuff is impossible to find online? drives me nuts!) Anyway, I thought I’d put these up now in hopes of cheering Stephanie who is feeling a mess these days 🙂




7 thoughts on “lauri faggioni

  1. Stephanie says:

    I came here and just LOVED these so I googled her. Turns out she was the production designer on that great Michel Gondry video for Steriogram and also co-directed with him on another amazing one “A Ribbon” for Devendra Banhart. Such a beautiful video, I put it on for my kids when I need a few minutes to myself. More info here:
    I was feeling less a mess this afternoon, but then Mia was playing in the backyard in bare feet and stepped on a bee! Our first bee sting…oh the screaming! Now Miles is holding an ice pack on it and they’re listening to an audio book of Alec Baldwin reading Thomas the Tank Engine.

  2. rosa says:

    Lauri Faggioni has been one on my favorites for long. So nice to see these new photos of her work. I’ve just found out my links for her were not working anymore…

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