Karel Capek

Google says Karel Capek is a "Czech author and playwright who popularized the term robot in his 1920 play, RUR:
Rossum’s Universal Robots." The Japanese shop, peewee seems to this it is a line of super cute illustrated goods. good either way!






8 thoughts on “Karel Capek

  1. carol says:

    there is another resource for your “cute-off”- I gather you live in the Chicago area (I do as well)…the Renegade Craft Fair is going on this weekend in Wicker Park and there should be a lot of “cuting” and “cooling” going on! i imagine you probably already know! i can’t wait to go.

  2. Lori says:

    I thought it interesting too that the Japanese would put Karl Capek’s name on items decorated with whimsical figures. So I did some googling myself. Karl Capek is an author and coined the term “robot” but it was actually his brother Joseph Capek who suggested the term. Joseph was a sculptor and also an illustrator. He illustrated some of his brother’s works but also this: http://livres.mysic.fr/2081613999++Un+Gateau+100+Fois+Bon
    I haven’t had too much luck finding pictures of his other work – at least nothing cute like the one I linked to.

  3. mademoiselle a. says:

    I had recently done a little research on it and blogged about it on another blog.
    Just know that these illustrations are of neither of the Capek brothers, but by a Japanese illustrator who did the illustrations for the Japanese company selling their items under his name. This way, I found they create a bit of confusion, especially perhaps to the non-Japanese-reading people. 😉

  4. hannah says:

    oh man. i look at those illustrations and i think, those are so simple! i can do it! but i really cant, and they just end up looking dumb, not cute. but why should i bother when someone else gets it so dead on! awesome find hillary!

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