Cute Off! over & out

yay — thanks for playing with me Amy! I definitely feel recharged. I’ve got a new hobby — whittling, and I’ve finally taken the print on fabric plunge (with mixed results) now all I need to do is get out my craft paints and some wood. I think while I’m feeling industrious I’ll start working on a list of christmas projects. hopefully all this will be enough to keep me in the craftroom over the next few days instead of sitting in front of the tv fretting.

14 thoughts on “Cute Off! over & out

  1. Kate says:

    the fabric printing – it looks fabulous, and very retro washed out. I’ve been printing some of my photos on fabric with excellent results, and embroidering over the top. Must you wash it? If it goes on a ‘wipe clean’ bag or something, problem solved!

  2. carly says:

    You have done it again!!!
    this stamp thing is going to spread like wild fire..(re:shrinkydink craze) I have to go get me some of that… it looks difficult though? I have done many a lino print … is it easier than that? love the illustrations in the previous post too, thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and finds!!

  3. Lucy says:

    ohhh my I will miss the cute off! We all got very spoilt with so many posts and so many photos and so much cuteness in only a week! 🙂 I want more cute off! hee hee.
    🙂 Thanks for the inspirations this past week (and always!) x

  4. mrspilkington says:

    love the stamp! you’ve picked this up so quickly. i’ve been experimenting with stamp carving and fabric stamping since last Spring (too shy to put in on my blog, though!). What size linocutter are you using? I have a hard time cutting out the shapes I want, and I’m wondering if I’m using a size that’s too big. but, i’m not too skillful with the exacto either; maybe it’s a matter of practice. i feel like i’m always mentioning jean ray laury books in blogland, but her fabric stamping handbook is pretty cool. have you tried pen score stamping? that’s a lot of fun too.

  5. hannah says:

    is that robot in love with the little bag? because i know i am! thanks so much for the week of cute, it helped us all out. christmas??? come on, dont keep us guessing about oscar and halloween. starwars theme again this year?

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