Amy, it’s perfect!

Oscar’s new fall ensemble arrived today from Amy. He was so excited to be opening his own package, but then a little less excited to actually model the contents.


This hat is so flippin cute I can’t take it! And I’m a mean mom because I think this is even cuter!


ha! I definitely need to build his halloween costume around this hat! Because you know the first rule of the halloween costume is it has to ellicit this response.

Thank you so much Amy! The pants are super cute too. I’ll send you a picture of him in them soon. And don’t worry, he’ll definitely wear the hat. He’s not a fan of hat wearing for just hat wearing’s sake but when it’s cold & windy outside he gives in. Thanks so much for the beautiful handmade outfit. Now I just have to have a girl so I can get one of these too! 😉

6 thoughts on “Amy, it’s perfect!

  1. Julia says:

    I love the acorn-like hat! In fact, I love anything elf or sprite-like. I think it’s pretty much universal that kids hate wearing hats, I have clear memories of it…something about associating things on your head with parental authority…I don’t know…

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