Self portrait tuesday – body parts

I was thinking I’d take a pic of my accidentally over-highlighted hair for SPT and look the theme is body parts this week – perfect! Check out Kath’s cool new SPT blog here.

at least now I match Oscar better

and yes, I realize it looks almost exactly like the last SPT I put up. Next one will be different I promise!

So I’m finally get back into the swing of things around here. Yesterday I quilted up a 1/3 of a quilt, made 2 stuffed animals and did a little embroidery. Feels good to be back to it.

I’ve also been working on draining my paypal, bought some of Amy’s very cool cards (can’t wait to get them!) and also some of these super cute Minoji’s World postcards from here (via momomoogie).


be quick, maybe there’s a postcard left for you at port2port, here.

no flickr NO!! here.

amazing Hurricane Katrina aftermath stories on This American Life: After the Flood. If you don’t know about the Crescent Connection bridge issue be sure to listen to these stories.

new blog of thrifting, Tag Sale Tales. can’t wait to see what these gals find!

and lastly, a little article about my boyfriend Barack Obama, here.

11 thoughts on “Self portrait tuesday – body parts

  1. amy k. says:

    dig the hair and thanks for the linkers!and I was going to ask you if you had heard the “this american life” piece. I finally feel like I got some real information, not media spinning crap.

  2. kelly says:

    Oh, too many great links… thanks for all that! Your new hair looks like the color of honey, and I *love* honey! As for Obama, I think he has a whole lot of girlfriends out there these days… can we share?!?

  3. carol says:

    hi, I read your blog from time to time…I actually heard This American Life on Sunday night while working and really was “stricken” so much more than seeing the terrible images on the TV. The radio gave a more human voice to this tragedy…I actually wrote about this episode on my blog and found it nice to see someone else had heard the show. okay, enough…thanks!

  4. Spamantha says:

    Stumbled onto your blog from elsewhere, and saw we have some of the same ideas. I can’t believe the bridge episode has not gained more national attention, and outrage. i heard about it a while back, and almost didn’t want to believe it… Love your quilts and other projects, by the way…

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