Tie One On: Mini Me

I was very excited when Amy first announced August’s theme for Tie One On. I was thinking it’d be so fun to make matching aprons for Oscar and my Mom. But when it came time to get started I could not get inspired because I knew neither one of them would actually wear an apron. Oscar would wiggle and whine and yank it off and Mom would smile and say how lovely and then hang it up somewhere. I had decided I was just going to skip this month but then I came up with this idea.

It’s a child sized apron for a little girl with a matching doll. The doll fits into a pocket in the apron that then becomes her apron. And there’s the mini me. It’s not cheating right? Meets the two apron requirement? The blue and white apron fabric and the gold rick rack are vintage. The polka dot fabric is new Japanese fabric. The apron is gathered at the waistband and has the doll’s apron pocket and then another pocket for stashing things.

The doll is flannel with cotton yarn hair. Her dress is a bit of vintage fabric that Kim sent me. Wool felt collar and shoes and vintage buttons for eyes. I didn’t want the shoes falling off as she was being put in and out of the apron so I sewed her shoes into the seams this time. I really like how it looks but I think I’ll have to stick with the removable shoes for future dolls because they are so much fun to play with.

Great theme Amy. Can’t wait to hear next month’s!

45 thoughts on “Tie One On: Mini Me

  1. susanne says:

    that’s sooooo adorable!!! i love the shoe detail but you’re right, it’s more fun to play with the shoes. how did you get her “cameo” to match so well with her dress? charming!

  2. ginger says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. You blow me away with your creativity!! I am humbled in your crafty greatness! 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    How many times can we say “clever”? It’s just the word I was thinking of, and everyone else too, I see. Beyond clever, it’s absolutely perfect. Ought to be in the Magic Cabin catalog.

  4. amy k. says:

    ha! i love it!! so smart to have the dolly in an apron POCKET! and she looks quite smart without her apron too, love the fabric,and yes, shoes stitched down are best for this dolly, I think. does she have a name? You must keep her for yourself-if you ever have a girl you will die if you don’t have this set for her!
    this is so sweet-what a creative spin on the theme and I especially like the choice of button on the collar.

  5. mary says:

    I really think this is the most clever and adorable thing I have ever seen. Every aspect of it is so well thought out. And of coarse with your good eye for color and print combinations, it makes it all the more perfect. Just Darling!

  6. filambulle says:

    Wow! The cleverest way to cheat!
    I like the idea and the result very much. But the “poor” (well, not-so-poor, I must admit) doll looks a bit naked when she is outside the pocket.
    Wouldn’t you sew her a really tiny-wee-ultra-mini-secret-apron that’s hidden when she is in the pocket, but appears when she is out? you know, maybe that find of french-style “soubrette” apron that doesn’t protect anything but just looks cute?
    Just my opinion. she is already super-cute as it.
    The harmony of colors, and choice of the button are amazing.

  7. carly says:

    I have been wanting to leave a comment for ages but you have so many i wonder if you will get to the bottom of the list and see it :)….I think your tie one on idea is supurb!..Paige is cute too… the backpack must have been fun to fill… I also think its great how you tell us all the trials and tribulations of the creative process you go through when making your dolls….it certainly makes me feel better …. when i have re-sewn an arm for the 3rd time!

  8. another Heather says:

    That is so awesome! I think it fits the theme perfectly! And so creatively at that! Oh to have my basement work area so I can start crafting up a storm (we close on my basement work area…..errr house….in 3 wks!)

  9. P says:

    Definitely not cheating… Your doll and apron make me wish I was 8 again, in front of my play-kitchen. My dollie and me, in matching aprons…
    And I love primary colors put together…

  10. Aunt Shell says:

    What a fantastic idea! I didn’t realize that the dolly’s little apron was connected to the bigger apron until I read what you wrote…how sweet!

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