so far today

I’ve woken up with my house intact, used a working toilet, watched tv, read news on the internet, used the phone, washed dishes and cooked and eaten breakfast. All along thinking of those who can’t do that this morning because of Hurricane Katrina. Oscar has no patience for me watching tv or being online. It’s for the best I guess because it is so overwhelming and toddlers don’t seem to understand overwhelmed.

10 thoughts on “so far today

  1. amy k. says:

    god-it is all so awful. my neighbor is still there in new orleans holed up at her aunt’s house and can’t get back home (with her two small kids!) her dad and brother have lost everything. sigh. it makes us all seem so lucky. I mean, we are all so lucky, right?

  2. Bess says:

    amen to that. I wonder if all the sewers and crafters out there could contribute to a project that would be auctioned off and the proceeds going to the hurricane relief – perhaps everyone makes a quilt square – someone volunteers to collect them and do the piecing and quilting. ???
    just a thought.

  3. persephone says:

    ARGH! This is nerve-wracking. I’m from Biloxi (now living in Texas) and I can not contact anyone. My family stayed in their houses, and I heard that homes in my mom’s area were flooded. I last talked to my mom Sunday night before the phones went down. 🙁

  4. maria says:

    so true… i was just running the water and thinking how must it be to not have water? i drink so much and use so much. the world is a hard place to understand. be well, mav

  5. ani says:

    i lived in new orleans for 7 years and it is one my favorite places on earth. my heart is heavy and my hopes are high that everyone that i know back there are doing as well as can be.
    i hope you hear from your family soon, persephone!!!

  6. amanda says:

    i’m in baton rouge and we just had our power turned back on last night. not easy with three wee ones who can’t grasp the concept of electricity!
    your shrinky dink pins are adorable!

  7. dawn says:

    it is all so tragic. we are so lucky and it is so rare that a tragedy of this immensity happens in our own country. extra hugs all around today.

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