self portrait tuesday

Ok, I like to join things (tie one on, m.o.s., back-tack, flickr groups) but holy crap! taking a self portrait is hard. My iPhoto is now clogged with 1000 crappy photos of myself. The above is what I came up with for self portrait Tuesday. Thanks to Tim who was giving Oscar zerberts to keep him cheery while I snapped shots.

In the interests of full disclosure I might as well date myself and give you a little perspective. Here I am — in five year increments…

born in 1970


5 years old 1975


10 years old 1980
Sorry Katie, I’m a mean sister. Not her best picture, of course 1980 wasn’t too kind to me either. What’s with the bangs? Or are you too distracted by the smocking to notice?


15 years old 1985
I was going to put up a lovely crimped hair, pink shiny lipgloss photo but I opted for this instead. Future weblogger, the early years. Of special note: the wet permed hair and HUGE pink glasses.


20 years old 1990
ahh, a skinny year! Here I am drunky drunk at some party in college. The back of the photo says "laughing very hard at this guy’s hair". I guess I was at that stage of drunk where glittery Robert Smith hair is hilarious.


25 years old 1995
Hey look, my one and only trip to europa. (oops! ok, the photo is up now. no more late night posting for me!)


30 years old 2000
Sporting "hair of the future" for Y2K.


Ok, back to less stressful play-alongs. I’m really excited about Amy’s awesome August theme!

28 thoughts on “self portrait tuesday

  1. amy k. says:

    oh! I LOVE this. jumping up and down! okay, I will bust-out next week on this self-portrait thing, I swear, cause these are TOO good. And how much does oscar look like you when you were a baby?! a lot! I love the drunky-drunk photo, was lol.
    you have a beautiful smile, like I KNEW you would!

  2. di says:

    Lovely photos- brought back memories for me: the glasses I had in high school- bright yellow and a similar size to yours… eek! And the 80’s hair is glorious!

  3. sbrownrobie says:

    this is so darn cute miss hillary. you’re a very brave girl for diving down into all the vintage pics. you are especially adorable in the HUGE pink glasees. i had similar specs myownsef!

  4. Cindy says:

    That furniture must have been “it” we had the loveseat and chair also. I see alot of Oscar in your baby photo : ) Your ponytails are just too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  5. robin says:

    ah ha! hillary. everyone thinks i hate them too! and i don’t really hate anyone. back in highschool i silkscreened a tee (out of necessity) that said ‘yes i have a staring problem’.
    your pics are great. you are loverly.

  6. hillary says:

    crap. (yes, I’m trying to see how many times I can throw the word ‘crap’ into this post) I deleted my comment from this morning while I was deleting spam from older posts. Sorry. (and if I accidentally deleted any one else’s comments – sorry!!) Robin is referring to me mentioning that I wanted to put up a smiling picture because my relaxed expression is very “why does that girl hate me?”
    and I was saying thanks for the great comments…they make me feel a lot less “stared at”!

  7. hannah says:

    ha! i love them all too! did everyone have huge glasses back then? i know i did. my favorite is the one with oscar though, he is so darn cute, you do look alike in your baby pictures!

  8. melissa says:

    Thanks for the great vintage pictures! I’ve been a longtime lurker on your beautiful site, and I’ve always wondered what you look like- you and your family are lovely!

  9. kelly says:

    Wow! That’s a huge coming out! Thanks so much for sharing the walk down memory lane! Gorgeous pictures and so fun to see the progression over time!

  10. Siri says:

    Way to dive right in. Oscar looks a good bit like you in your baby picture. Such fun pictures, I just might have to dig up some of those packed, away-in-between-years ones myself.

  11. Olivia says:

    OMG! The background in your 5-in-1975 pic could have been taken at the house I grew up in! (as it was before 1990s remodeling projects) We had that same type of couch (although there was different fabric on the seat cushions) and the same type of paneling on the wall behind it! Who knows? Maybe there’s a 5-in-1982 picture of me with the same background!

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