Sarah, my new hero

Everything Small Object Sarah makes is wonderful of course, but Tim and I have a super soft spot for her Little Small Clothespin People. We fell in love with Cocoon Mummy on the spot and were so lucky we got to her in time. Big Grizzly Ball was another favorite but CM’s fuzzy antlers were just too irresistible.

And look who tagged along for the ride, surprise visitors! Plaid 80s Prep Punk and Circus Punk Puff

Sarah even sent along a pincushion I coveted on her site a while back. Isn’t it fantastic!

Thank you so much Sarah! Not only for your amazing originality and talent that allows me to have clothespins with faces to display in my home, but for your generosity and for the huge burst to my diy spirit your package brought me. I feel like this! All your packaging and your personal distinct touch on everything is so inspiring.

magic in the mailbox!

6 thoughts on “Sarah, my new hero

  1. Leslie says:

    I second what Stephanie said! I missed out on the little people…..again!
    But yours have such a good home! Sarah sure spoiled you good! (Deservingly, of course!) 😉

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