I’m thanking my lucky stars that Tim is so good at animal noises and we won this competition. This came in the mail Friday and I just LOVE it! My own little puppy wallet from Lyn over at mollychicken.

It is so so cute and really beautifully made. So tiny. I’m amazed by people who can make tiny things so well. Turning out those little ears, etc. Especially with thick wool fabric. Lyn, you’re very talented. And I nearly fainted when I saw all the tiny perfect blanket stitches on this guy. Lyn quickly informed me that it was her lovely Pfaff sewing machine that made all those tiny stitches. Thank God, I’d hate to think about how much time it would take to do that by hand. I takes me forever just to blanket stitch some eyes and nose on to a doll. I’m going to have to point out this feature to my old sad Bernina. I love the colors and the little charm hanging from the tail is perfect! Thanks so much Lyn, we’re all very excited about this little fellow over here. Especially Oscar who is always trying to get his sticky little hands on him, digging in my bag for him saying “roof roof”. The knack for animal sounds run in the family.

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