Tim picked out this beautiful Japanese children’s book last time we were at Mitsuwa — partly for the funny story and beautiful illustrations but mostly because he thinks the author looks like she is from the future. We’ve been having lots of fun studying the pictures and trying to decipher the story ourselves but I thought I’d share with everyone and maybe you’d like to help us figure out the story. (maybe Tokyo Jen is checking in?) Or maybe just make up our own story. For now you see the full story up on my flickr (click on ‘all sizes’ to see the biggest version). Please feel free to leave comments and notes of what you think is going on. Or translations! We’ll get to the bottom of this yet. Best we can tell it’s the story of alien bear-chicks who hatch out of eggs, make great pets and sometimes eat too much.

Here the bear-chicks are presenting gifts to their alien visitor.

Eating too much puppy chow

Here’s Mr. P with his bear-chicks of varying sizes

4 thoughts on “hatched

  1. Barbie says:

    What a great book, I think it’s probably more fun to just keep making up your own story to the pictures. It’s really cute though, I hope I can find something like that here in my city

  2. katiek says:

    I asked my friend what your story means this is what she wrote back to me:
    The story doesn’t make much sense. After a little girl buys a mopi(bear-chick), word gets around and a crowd comes, then the king, and then visitors from outer space…….I gave up reading after awhile, but maybe I’ll go back to it another day.
    Maybe your pages are out of order, is that why it wouldn’t make sense? Anyway, what fun!!

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