9 thoughts on “folky bear shoe

  1. debbie says:

    Whoooaaa….I’m speechless, and that never happens. Hillary, they are beautiful. I love mine; the face (you know how much I love the special Hillary smirk, it’s like they know something and they’re not telling), how you did the eyes, the nose, the COLOR is fabulous and I love the corduroy, those BUTTONS, the collar is so pretty, the top, the skirt – I LOVE that fabric – and now for a little weeping – those shoes. Oh my gosh – you are amazing. The lacy trim – they are just so edible. Wow, I knew you were busy so I was just waiting for you to get a break and look what you did! I had NO idea. Wow. I…well…I don’t know what to say (although I managed to make this my longest comment ever) Thank you so much. I love Cordelia, love the name. Oh and that whatnot pocket. Thank you……
    Posted by: debbie | August 4, 2005 01:00 PM
    Ummmm…did I happen to mention how much I love Cordelia? Just checking….You really are an amazing artist. Your attention to detail sets you apart. Thank you again.

  2. moki says:

    Cute shoes but now I have a revised version of that Donny and Marie song in my head, “I’m a little bit FOLKY, I’m a little bit rock ‘n’ roll”

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