five idiosyncrasies

Should be five reasonable excuses for why I cannot for the life of me spell that word. Anyway, thanks Kelly for tagging me. I put Tim to the task of coming up with these because I, of course, think I’m perfectly normal. Actually we both worked on the list together and had a really difficult time. We could think of plenty of pet peeves, phobias, character flaws, but few idiosyncrasies. Here’s what I came up with.

1. I cannot throw a magazine away without going through it and tearing out all the photos and articles and ads I may ever at some point in the future find interesting. This results in a lot of piles of magazines waiting to be "gone through".

2. The moment I get in the car I need not only my window down but Tim’s too. Cross breeze! CB!

3. I never finish a drink. I’m like that kid in that movie.

4. I’m garage sale shy. I always want to go to them and then we pull up, get out of the car and halfway down the driveway I want to turn back. They’re always looking at me so expectantly and I don’t want them to watch me judging their junk. Tim always has to drag me the rest of the way.

5. This one is more my parents’ than mine. Burgers every Saturday night. For forever.

Ok, I’ll pass it along, how about Robin, Siri, Alexia, Jess and Alison. I hope none of you have caught this already.

13 thoughts on “five idiosyncrasies

  1. kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing… I thought that one was a bit more interesting than most! I have a magazine problem too – I even thrift good magazines if I run into them! That would be what makes up a lot of my piles…

  2. Barb says:

    I’m the magazine queen. Some friends helped me move once, and they were like, “uh….what is with all this?”. I tried to explain it was for “art”, and you have to save stuff. They didn’t understand. My boyfriend at the time said, “We are NOT doing this again.”. He had me declutter, and I just went out and re-bought stuff again. I have just come to realize that I am happy surrounded with stuff. Good or bad, it just is.

  3. Laural says:

    I also never finish a drink, I leave cups of cold coffee and tea everywhere, and I get really nervous about garage sales for the same reason! I’m glad someone else shares my afflictions ; )

  4. Bess says:

    I have yard/garage/tag sale phobia as well. I totally understand. I send my dh out first to check it out. If he sees something that I’d like, he comes back to get me. I won’t even get out of the car! If I’m without him, I’ll pre-judge their stuff from the safety of my car – if I can’t see anything that I’d potentially want from that vantage point, then I won’t bother. I know I’m missing good stuff that way though!

  5. Lucy says:

    yes me too for that magazine one. I am exactly the same. I hoard them and hoard them and even take my mum’s off her when she’s done with them. Then I pile them up and categorise them and the ones that really really won’t squeeze into my room get picked through with a fine-tooth comb… and then I have an expanding file of all the ripped out pages which are also filed by category. We are crazy. x

  6. amy k. says:

    i have the garage sale thing too-but usually we walk by them (because people in our neighborhood have garage sales at a second job, I swear!) and then i want to just keep walking. and when we are on foot is when I find that “must have” item that we need to go get the car for-cause how ae we gonna get that old musty “fill in the blank” home?

  7. melanie says:

    I’m the same with both the magazines and the garage sales. There is just something so weird about garage sales and it always seems like a good idea to go until I actually get there and then I get nervous and can’t make eye contact which I am sure makes me appear to be even more freaky than I already am!

  8. mary-alice says:

    Both front car windows open, and magazine piles galore – oh, yeah! i used to be shy at garage sales, but have gotten over it. i figure the sellers should know what they’re in for, and if they don’t, they’ll learn and be better sellers for it….as far as judging the stuff – they don’t want it, obviously, so what’s to judge? they’ve already judged it: “thumbs down!” it’s good to talk to the sellers – you meet nice people, and learn things, and maybe find some treasures that were not out for some reason….”oh, you like old linens? come inside, i’ve got a closet-ful!” good luck, and happy sale-ing!

  9. Siri says:

    The piles of unread magazines just keep getting deeper and deeper, so I’m trying to let at least some of my subscriptions expire. My mother in law has the same affliction. When a pile of mags gets a little too high and starts falling over, I look at my DH, laugh, and say “Oops. Looks like you married your mother.” I just can’t get rid of the Christmas issues, though. Have you noticed they’re ALREADY starting to show up on the newsstands?
    I’m trying to answer your tagging, but can only think of one true idiosyncrasy off hand.

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