diagnosis and catching up

I have strep throat! Woohoo!! I’m so excited about this because now I have a cure. I have antibiotics and, more importantly, I have an explanation for why I could not kick this. I’m so relieved to know that I have a little bit of immune system left and that I have actually been battling something worse than an average sore throat. So maybe tomorrow I’ll actually be able to swallow without pain or maybe I’ll have my voice back and be able to talk to my baby again!

So even though I’m still feeling like crap I feel motivated to play internet for a while. I put some new JP Miller pics up in my flickr. And I’m  working on a new current list of childrens books we’re digging. So far I’ve got Oscar’s new absolute most favorite book up there The Three Little Rigs. No one can come over to our house without Oscar chasing after them with this book in hand. "bad ball!" "ball ball!" — referring to the big bad wrecking ball. Here’s a pic from another title on the list Coco Can’t Wait by Taro Gomi.


I’ll add a few more titles to the list soon, including some of the vintage books we found at the book sale. Speaking of vintage books… check out The Airplane Book – a horror of color for a very funny analysis of 70s illustration.

Ok, more catching up. I got the best comment a while ago from one of the gals who designs Cram Cream in Japan. She left it on this post where I was showing off my new Cram Cream wallet. (I get so many emails from people asking where to buy their stuff. I have no idea! I’d love to know. I found this wallet at a giftshop in Chicago but that was all the Cram Cream they had) So anyway Mayumi emailed me a few photos I’ve been wanting to share. So cute!



More cute stuff to share, this is the scary little purple monster Rhya sent me last week. Her name is Ann. She came with a lacy tutu skirt but Oscar quickly put the kabosh on that and I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks Rhya, we love her!!

What else? Oh, I’m crushing hard on Stella again. This time it’s her knobs…


aren’t they fantastic! I’m loving all little painted wood things lately. I’ve been on Tim’s case for months now to make little painted wooden cutouts of my dolls. Sort of along the lines of these or these. Wouldn’t those be so cute! We have the wood and the paints. Now just to find the time. I seem to be ending every post that way. Maybe that should be my official sign off.

17 thoughts on “diagnosis and catching up

  1. amy k. says:

    well at least now you know why you feel horrible! i hope no one else gets it-I found out last year that strep is contagious! I didn’t know that. . .
    and thanks for the link to that amazing comment from the cram cream designer, it is amazing, and I totally missed it before! and love love painted wood, right up your folksy alley, huh? i’m reminded of cool russian nesting dolls. . .and of the package I am mailing to you;)

  2. Julie K in Taiwan says:

    Teehee, the three little rigs… That’s cute. Have you seen the “Ugly Truckling”?
    We’ve banned the “3 little pigs” from our house for a while, Jaylene started freaking out over the big bad wolf concept. I wonder how she’d do with a big bad ball…
    Take care, drink lots of hot water (the Taiwanese solution for any illness).

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hoping you feel better soon!
    I so love those knobs! I am going to put a vote in for some wee wonderfuls dolls painted wood Christmas ornaments as it would be a great synthesis of your passions.

  4. Aimee Roo says:

    wishing you a speedy recovery. funny how much a name can help when your sick though, makes it easier to battle when you know what it is! 🙂
    such cute stuff. i am going nuts for some very cute japanese stationary i found online, but i have to practice restraint.
    i really love the frames. you seem to have a gift for finding the incredibly cool stuff.

  5. s. brownrobie says:

    i had six cases of strep in four months this year. i’m currently recovering from a tonsillectomy that is supposed to prevent this from happening again. *crosses fingers*

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