Cradoom! Cradoom! Cradoom!

That means craft room! craft room! craft room! That’s one of Oscar’s chants. It’s a favorite treat of his to be airlifted over the baby gate and into the forbidden craft room where he gets to sit on the tall chair at my craft table and play with the "craft room cars".  Today I’ve been battling a horrible achy cold thing and hiding inside from the oppressive heat* so we’ve been hitting all indoor activities, including a good chunk of time in the craft room. This afforded me the opportunity to finish up this little bunny I’ve been working on. Oscar’s bunny. He was so interested in what I was doing. That’s a first. He was saying "doll" and wanting to squeeze it while it still had all the pins in it. I asked him if he thought it was cute and I got a "cuuuUTE!" So I told him I’d finish it up for him and he actually played with it for a while. Smashed pegs in his workbench with it and showed her how to use the hammer. So it’s Oscar’s bunny. Another bunny for Oscar  — he wasn’t so interested in the first one.

I was inspired last week by this penguin’s pleasant shape to make a similar shaped bunny. I used basically the head from buttercup and the wee body and tweaked and voila bunny. She totally reminds me of Pat the Bunny bunny.

Going in for a bunny kiss

So some crafting accomplished. Not enough Oscar patience to tackle the next doll I have cut out ready to be sewed up. Maybe tonight. Or maybe Nyquil.. I tried some other nighttime cold remedy last night and was up until 1am! Not tonight. It’s just me and my old pal nighty nyquil.

* managed to squeeze both my favorite complaints into one sentence: being sick and the crappy weather. sweet.

29 thoughts on “Cradoom! Cradoom! Cradoom!

  1. Carol says:

    This one is so fuzzy and sweet. I had forgotten about the Christmas bunny. Could you include the Christmas bunny’s pattern when you start selling them?
    He might be my favorite.

  2. ivy says:

    My daughter loves the craft room too, she lays on the floor and reads the books that aren’t supposed to leave the room or gets into whatever notions she can reach.
    The bunny is so cute!
    the belly button is a nice touch 🙂

  3. Brandie says:

    She’s totally Pat the Bunny! So cute!
    I, too, am tweeking your wee tutorial (thanks) for the penguin that you posted last week. My daughter has been asking (begging) for one, and this is by far the cutest I have seen.

  4. sbrownrobie says:

    he didn’t like the first one? *mind boggles* although that does seem to be par for the toddler course…the thing you’re most excited about never seems to be the one that they are. please do include both bunnies in your upcoming patterns! the wee one is adorable, as well.
    *sits on hands and patiently awaits patterns*

  5. Leslie says:

    Who wouldn’t want to spend time in your craft room? Just look at the goodies that come from it! The bunny looks perfect and cuddly…and Oscar is adorable!

  6. Bess says:

    The bunny is so CUTE! I love the material. I love having my boys with me when I sew. However, they seem to have more arms than an octopus at times! What a lovely memory you made for Oscar.
    Hope you feel better!

  7. rhya says:

    oh my god that is the grrreatest bunny i have seen in a while!
    i am so sad though because it seems that package i sent out to you a while a few weeks back with a little monster has yet to arrive.
    i think it may have got lost in the mail. 🙁
    hope all is well,

  8. hannah says:

    oh hillary, please, please, please sell us this bunny pattern. i cant make my brain work when it comes to softies, they defeat me. oscar is sooooo big! and cuuuutttte. love that boy…

  9. JoAnn says:

    Hillary, I love your bunny. Much cuter than Pat The Bunny’s bunny. Much more personality! Love how you just tweek a penguin and a wee and come up with a bunny.

  10. hillary says:

    Kelly – nope. I used some great fuzzy stretchy faux fur stuff from the fabric shop. I think the next one I make for the pattern/tutorial I’ll use a felted sweater. I bought up all these sweaters last fall so I wouldn’t run out while it was summer and the thrift stores would be sweater-less and I haven’t used one yet!

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