chitas for me!

Thanks for the well wishes from the past post. Oscar woke up bright eyed and cheery. So far so good. And he’s very excited about our ‘cradoom’ plans. Our other plan today is to try to take some good pictures of my latest doll. Maybe I’ll have those up this afternoon. But for now something pretty pretty to look at.

Rosa sent me these beautiful fabrics from Portugal. I sent her some vintage fabric and she sent me some of the gorgeous chitas that I’m always drooling over on her site.

I love these ones that look like ticking

she also shared some of this amazing embroidered ribbon with me. so exciting! and a great little vintage stuffed toys pattern book.

Thanks Rosa, I love it all!

(p.s. sorry for the horrible photos, camera seems to be under the weather as well!)

(p.p.s. for some amazing photos of Rosa’s dolls check out if you haven’t already.)

12 thoughts on “chitas for me!

  1. robin says:

    that embroidered ribbon is fantastic. looking forward to seeing what you come up with in using that! all the fabric is great. you’re a lucky wee wonderful!

  2. Daphne says:

    Wow, what a beautiful trade. I feel compelled to name my very most favorite, the fabric on the bottom left with the forget-me-nots and paisleys. Oh! then I think, What would I do with it? Then I visited Rosa’s site and suddenly this whole doll-making thing clicked. That only took, what, six months? Well, time to get started. I’d better get my new cradoom in order.

  3. gil says:

    And this red one with litlle blue and yellow flowers is a brasilian chita (next the book).
    Congratulations!! All of fabrics are wonderful!

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