a couple of bears

Here are a couple of bears I’ve been working on this week. Debbie sent me all that great Comes Mart stuff and I wanted to send her a softie in return. I asked her bunny, kitty or bear and she chose bear and so I tweaked the bunny doll pattern to make a bear doll. Shorter ears, shorter legs, big nose… they turned out sufficiently bear-like I think. My Mom got in on the action and asked for one for her friend’s new granddaughter so there are two. Cordelia, on the left, is made of corduroy and is for Debbie and Cora, on the right, is brown flannel for baby Alicia.

Cordelia has a wool felt collar and cute pink vintage button (thanks Melissa!). I experimented with making the one-piece dress actually a two piece top and skirt. I’m excited with how it turned out. And she has a little pocket for whatnot.

Cordelia’s shoes. I’m pretty happy with them but what I really want to get is a teeny tiny hole punch so I can punch out little designs in felt. Maybe something like that is a scrapbooking gadget?

Cora’s sporting a little wool felt cameo pin that I tried to embroider a bear profile on. heh heh. Stephanie the answer to your question is because I’m a wacko. She had a big wide spot in the center of her collar to fill and the dress fabric seemed sort of victorian to me and a cameo popped into my head. It’s a pretty wonky cameo and surely this baby will chew it off in a new york minute but it was fun to make.

Cora’s little wool felt victorian button ups that actually button up.

Ok, Oscar’s up from his marathon nap. Off to the baby pool!

33 thoughts on “a couple of bears

  1. Daphne says:

    I am trying to make a shirt with the fabric you used for Cordelia’s skirt! It looks so good with baby blue and as a skirt, though, that I’m about ready to see if I can rescue the fabric for a skirt. I am having trouble with overcasting a raw edge. grr. But your bears are super cute! Love the button eyes & blanket stitch details.

  2. robin says:

    i love them both. all the details, the pink rimmed eyes!!!! the button up shoes, the collars, the two-piece dresses. you are so industrious it amazes me. when my friends say, oh robin, she’s always making SOMETHING, i think of you and bow my head….!

  3. mrspilkington says:

    very cute! your work is always lovely. for tiny holes, an awl might work too — and you can use it for sewing and book/paper crafting. clover makes a couple that i hear are pretty good.

  4. Lisa says:

    hillary–i love the bears. you are so so talented and you do meticulous work. wow. and it was so great to see your photos over the ages! i love it! i am two years older than you, but i could relate to every phase, the hairdo’s etc. so cool to see! Lisa

  5. Jennifer says:

    You’re cracking me up with the bear brooch! The details on your bears are so incredible. The shoes keep getting better and better. 😉

  6. van says:

    HI there! Do you trade your dollies with other people’s? Id like to get one of yours and if you like any of my dolls maybe we could trade?
    love the shoes. im mad about little shoes hihi.
    take care.

  7. van says:

    HI there! Do you trade your dollies with other people’s? Id like to get one of yours and if you like any of my dolls maybe we could trade?
    love the shoes. im mad about little shoes hihi. awww… love the kitty.
    take care.

  8. debbie says:

    Whoooaaa….I’m speechless, and that never happens. Hillary, they are beautiful. I love mine; the face (you know how much I love the special Hillary smirk, it’s like they know something and they’re not telling), how you did the eyes, the nose, the COLOR is fabulous and I love the corduroy, those BUTTONS, the collar is so pretty, the top, the skirt – I LOVE that fabric – and now for a little weeping – those shoes. Oh my gosh – you are amazing. The lacy trim – they are just so edible. Wow, I knew you were busy so I was just waiting for you to get a break and look what you did! I had NO idea. Wow. I…well…I don’t know what to say (although I managed to make this my longest comment ever) Thank you so much. I love Cordelia, love the name. Oh and that whatnot pocket. Thank you……

  9. debbie says:

    Ummmm…did I happen to mention how much I love Cordelia? Just checking….You really are an amazing artist. Your attention to detail sets you apart. Thank you again.

  10. Barbie says:

    Wow, they are both fantastic!!!
    You should use a hole punch for rivets, I have one for my scrapbooking but I know they make some for fabric that work the same way. They come with multiple heads so you can do varying hole sizes and you just use a hammer with them. I think a regular hole punch wouldn’t work on fabric.

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