want to join our group?

I have flickr fever! Do you? Kim and I started up a new flickr group, Vintage Fabric and we’ve added our photos of vintage fabric. Come join us and add your photos! Get your camera out and shoot your vintage fabrics. This will be so super cool if everyone plays. Imagine everyone’s vintage fabrics all in one place. So exciting! I’m going to start sending out invites to my contacts but you don’t need to be invited to join, just head over to vintage fabric and sign up.

one of Kim’s amazing quilt squares

also: new on the sidebar, I’ve added a link to my vintage fabrics album.

11 thoughts on “want to join our group?

  1. Amy B says:

    What a great idea! So fun to drool over all the beautiful vintage fabrics on flickr! Thanks for such a great blog – I am so inspired to craft (not easy w/ 3 kids under the age of 6). Maybe once school starts……

  2. Jo says:

    I am so excited that you’ve started this! I keep finding things that I’d like to share and think other people would like – just by looking at blogs…some of the vintage I have are aprons (but I knew I couldn’t submit them to the Tie One on because they weren’t made by me)… Let me see what I have….

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