up and running…ragged

Ok, back to normal…the whir of 3 a/c’s and 4 fans, the wailing of a baby who was completely thrown off his schedule and refuses to nap, a near empty fridge because everything melted. Thanks ComEd. I’m sure this little break will be reflected in my monthly bill right?

When everything crashed to a halt on Sunday I was working on my bunny doll tutorial. I thought I was doing well but have since realized my photos did not turn out well…


Also my pattern needs tweaking and I had to resew the face because I forgot to allow for 3D. That’d make for a great tutorial.. "sew on eyes, sew back to front, stuff, get your seamripper out, carefully remove eyes, rub flannel so you can’t see where old eyes were sewn on, start over, get frustrated, take a chocolate break, reposition facial features and sew on again." So I’m going to start another tutorial doll. Soon I hope. First the finishing touches on this one and maybe photos tomorrow? I’m also working on a little eye candy for this afternoon. I’m hoping Oscar takes a I-haven’t-had-proper-sleep-in-two-days super long make-up nap!

5 thoughts on “up and running…ragged

  1. Ayelet says:

    Maybe you could start a line of “the way things are really going to happen” tutorials.. the perfect anti-Martha solution 🙂
    Can’t wait for the doll tutorial!

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