twenty-two fifty

We hit the garage sales yesterday. A little disappointing but some fun finds.

50 cents – yo yo kitty

2 dollars – wooden spools

$20 – brand new workbench!


How’d y’all do this weekend at the garage sales? Any great finds?

7 thoughts on “twenty-two fifty

  1. Julie says:

    Love the wooden spools! We didn’t do all that well, but we did have one fun find! A telescope for $8.00. Who would have thought we would have come home with that? Gotta love thrifting & yard sale-ing 🙂

  2. kim says:

    Wow great finds! I overslept this weekend and missed the garage sales.
    But I did run to the thrift store as my thrift-dar was going off. And I found 2 Debbie Bliss knitting books for .49 cents each. yay!

  3. Julie K in Taiwan says:

    Hardly any garages in Taiwan, so no garage sales. Actually, people here prefer new things, so hardly any second hand shops at all. I soo miss garage sales and thrift stores…
    Your finds are cool, Jaylene is jealous of the workbench!

  4. amanda says:

    Despite my best intentions, I usually don’t wake up in time for garage sales. The mister, however, is very keen and gets out every weekend. This weekend, he picked up a 1931 Underwood typewriter! Last weekend, a craft table for my studio! He’s an excellent mister 🙂

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