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I just realized how much new stuff there is in this apartment after this past weekend. To compensate I’m packing up lots of old stuff for Amvets. Mostly Oscar’s stuff.. gotta do it now while he’s too young to protest. So many toys that seemed like a good idea but were waaaay off. Like the hammering the wooden balls toy, etc. Anyway,for Oscar’s gazillion other toys we finally got him some organization – cubbies! Now I’m trying to teach him which toys go in which baskets – small cars, medium cars, big cars, trains. If he’s going to be a proper Lang he’s got to learn that everything has its spot!

And some organization for me.. the Lidan. These amazing knit baskets from Ikea. I love them. If you have an Ikea around I highly recommend them!

This weekend was a birthday weekend (happy birthday Timmy!) so we did a lot of "oop, forget to get you a present" shopping. On Thursday night we took Oscar into the city so we could go to Quimby’s. Tim and I could spend an entire day in there. Oscar, not so much. And the surly counter boy was not pleased with our toddler’s antics. One of those – oh yeah, good thing we live in the suburbs moments. Tim got an autographed copy of Daniel Clowes’ new book and this cool book, Scrapbook by Adrian Tomine. And I snuck this up onto the counter for myself. Drop Dead Cute – The New Generation of Women Artists in Japan. A lovely book – so many amazing artists! (some favorites over on flickr, here, here and here)

Another new beautiful thing in the apartment, this shaker box that my Mom bought us for an anniversary gift while they were on vacation in New England. Thanks Mom! Good thing about having a weblog is people always know what to get you for presents.

And some amazing new treats came in the mail this week. From Lisa this cool japanese bag book that I’ve been coveting since I saw it on Amy‘s site. (Check out the bag Maitreya made from it!) Lisa also sent along some cutie stationary and little tiny hamster erasers. I’d mention the candy too, but that is long gone. thanks Lisa!

And from Debbie, oh my gosh! The most fabulous package of goodies from Comes Mart in Japan. Check out her blog for more photos and the story of how she was able to get her hands on this amazing stuff. Thanks so much Debbie for sharing with me! I love it all!

16 thoughts on “new stuff around the apartment

  1. hannah says:

    i must have a toddler, because i am sad to say that those cubbies took my breath away! that fabric is cute and all, but man those cubbies… what it must be like to not step on small, medium and large sized cars!?

  2. robin says:

    Wow! What an array of eye-candy today! 🙂 By the way I LOVE your birthday coin quilt that you posted recently. I am hoping to whip up something similar this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bettsi says:

    Oh my! That fabric! How will you ever cut into it? It’s so very, very cute! And thanks for sharing the book, “Drop Dead Cute”, definitely need to check out that one.

  4. debbie says:

    Oh, me too! I LOVE the cubbies. I just got some for “my space” around the sewing machine but mine had to go verticle since I have run out of horizontal space. Did those adorable lime green baskets come with them from Target?!!

  5. Danelle says:

    i happened across your blog and i love everything you post. it’s very inspiring, and you have such cute things from japan!
    anyway, i saw that you mentioned quimby’s (which i absolutely love!) so i knew that you live in the chicago area. i do too, so i just thought i would say hello! 🙂

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