Just be glad you’re not married to me. I’m following my beleaguered web designer husband to bed now. More tomorrow on the new design…


Oh yay! I can’t wait to tell Tim when he gets up that people like the site. He was very unsure of this design when he went to bed last night. I think he’d just been looking at it too long. He did have a hard time with this design though. He went round and round trying all sorts of new ideas and in the end landed somewhere very close to where we started out. I think he felt rushed, but I just thought it was so pretty and got impatient and wanted it right away.

I’m super psyched about the 2 columns. I’ve been wanting to move over to that for a while now. The beautiful header Tim made up based on one of my favorite fabrics that Jen sent me from Japan. I moved all the projects photos over to flickr and reorganized them a bit. I went with toys & dolls, quilts, knit & crochet and then I was looking for a title for my last category – "other" and thought of zakka. I’m not 100% positive I’m using the term correctly but that’s what it seems like to me, japanese for "all the handcrafted stuff you can think of". So I’m loving the flickr galleries. It’s so cool to see everything together like that. I’m also feeling a little bit crazy. I can’t believe I made all that stuff. I guess a year is a long time but looking at it all together makes me seem like I suffer from an obsessive crafting disorder.

Also new are two lists – japanese cute and children’s books. The book list are items that Oscar and I have recently discovered (or rediscovered) at the library and are totally digging. I hope to update the list often. I think I may use a little new button to indicate when the lists or wee gallery or mail gallery have been updated. Then I’d leave it up for about a day. I have a few more weblog & photolog links to add soon and I think I’ll be all set for a while.

I’m hoping to have my party favors finished and ready to post this afternoon. there’s that pesky OCD again…

37 thoughts on “new!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I LOVE IT!! I’m so jealous! I’m new to blogging and am still building my page/figuring out how to do certain things so this is really inspiring. Good on you!

  2. Ez says:

    Oh your new look is just beautiful! How do you do it… I am astounded by your level of talent, and inspired by your immense creativity!

  3. shanna says:

    Pesky OCD is what makes us crafters who we are! Love your new look. It all must feel so fresh and fantastic! I think I’ll be a little nostalgic for the old header and color for a little while, but I’ll get over it :). I love the two columns and images, absolutely adorable!

  4. amanda says:

    mmmm…I think it looks lovely. So eye-pleasing, the two columns. And I can’t wait to check in on the childrens books! Great teamwork! 😉

  5. s. says:

    what a fun surprise! i love this! i do hope you kept a version of the old one somewhere, because it was darling too (and there should be a record for posterity).

  6. naomi says:

    It’s beautiful. I’ve been visiting for some time and even have you linked cuz your site is so inspiring. Thought I should probably stop lerking around here and introduce myself.

  7. Jane says:

    If you don’t change it back to the old design I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and other State and Federal organizations because black on white is too hard on the eye and will cause premature retinal deterioration!!! If you respect and care about your readers and supporters you will change it back immediately!!!!
    😉 (nice work you two!)

  8. hannah says:

    oh wow! hillary and tim, you are both so amazing! love the new look! thank you so much for the book list, now i dont have to keep track of all my little slips of paper. and happy blog birthday!!

  9. Gin says:

    I guess you can count me in the minority. I’m not so crazy about the new design. It’s not as kicky as the previous, and the light icons really are a bit hard on the eyes. It was much spunkier before, now, not so much! Oh well, there’s plenty of supporters out there.

  10. Joelene says:

    Can I chime in and tell you how wonderful the new design is too! I love the little drwn icons and the color, well actually I love everything. Great JOb!

  11. Hillary says:

    hey, it’s all good. all comments are welcome!!
    actually some people thinking this is too blah says to me that I’m on the right track 😉

  12. kristen says:

    congratulations on your one-year blog anniversary! along with “most” others, i LOVE the drawn icons and color scheme. i, too, will miss the old look for awhile, but new, fresh looks are a great change…now if i can only figure out how to do a banner on my blog.

  13. kristen says:

    congratulations on your one-year blog anniversary! along with “most” others, i LOVE the drawn icons and color scheme. i, too, will miss the old look for awhile, but new, fresh looks are a great change…now if i can only figure out how to do a banner on my blog.

  14. kathreen says:

    it feels like I havn’t visited for ages. all of a sudden its different – cleaner. congrats on the new look, congrats to your wonderful husband for getting it going for you. i checked out your flickr pics and was amazed by all your projects which i recognized, but was overwhelmed by seeing altogether like that.
    I love the quilt too, i love all the mixmatched peices of fabric it is so bright and fun, the white inbetween really emphasises and frames all the beautiful fabrics, and how fantastic that it all means something. once again you have inspired me.
    and happy birthday.

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