knitting again

Summer makes me want to knit. Don’t know why. I’m not into summer knits. I have little need for knit tank tops. But the hot weather makes me want to get out my knitting bowl and see what’s in there. Maybe it’s because I learned to knit in the summer. Or maybe it’s because I’m always a dozen steps ahead of myself and summer makes me think of brisk autumn days. So I started this popcorn stitch scarf using some of my Blue Sky Organic Cotton (be sure to click through because their little llama will make your day!) that has been calling out to me.

Here’s the stitch I’m using. It’s called the Trinity stitch.

9 thoughts on “knitting again

  1. Miz Booshay says:

    Is this yarn soft?
    We have three yarn stores here in the Madison area…and no Blue Sky in sight.
    I’m dying to use the sport weight on a lacy scarf…
    Perhaps I should just order it on-line!
    I love that little Alpaca too.
    Such a sweet face.

  2. Heidi says:

    Your scarf would look nice with a jeans jacket in the fall! Popcorn stitch is pretty.
    I haven’t had a chance to say it yet, but I love the redesign! Super.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I am knitting with that same yarn right now — a baby sweater. Isn’t it the softest? The hits on your blog are probably going up because I have been checking out all the great stuff you make.

  4. shanna says:

    Hilary, I was going through your archives earlier and came upon a link to Choppable the monkey. I just about died laughing! Just what the doctor ordered today.

  5. *jenny says:

    How sweet! Alpaca llamas communicate by humming to each other. Perhaps you like to knit in the summer because it is so relaxing, you just sit and knit, it requires little physical exertion so you stay cool. And it allows your imagination to venture into the cooler seasons. Hey, I just made myself want to take up knitting!

  6. Leta says:

    Where did you get Oscar’s storage cubbies and baskets? Is that Ikea also? I soooooo wish we had one in our town!! Love it!

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