in the middle of a dozen things

Is anybody else singing “sock-a monkey” to the tune of peter gabriel’s shock the monkey while they’re working on their sock monkey? My s.m. is kinda a plain jane at this point. I haven’t made it past stuffing yet. I’ve stuffed and unstuffed it 3 times now trying to get it unlumpy. I’ve also got my tie on one going. I like to have more than one project in progress at once so I can switch over to the other when one gets annoying.

Hey, by the way, I got my sewing machine fixed this week for… wait for it… f-r-e-e!! The nice sewing machine repair guy at the hancock fabrics diagnosed it’s disease* in 30 seconds flat, offered me some free advice and that was it. I think he may have had more to say but Oscar was screaming a bloody torrent through the store about being in the cart so I think he was, ok lady, go away.

Thanks to everyone who joined our group! (and thanks for ignoring the fact that I typo’d and said what to join our group) So many great pics are being uploaded. I finally figured out that you can rss the feed of a group so my b-lines has been keeping me informed and obsessively checking the computer is another thing I’ve got going on my multi-task list. Also on the list is checking out the loot from the garage sales this morning. I totally scored on a bunch of vintage kids books. I’ll upload pics soon. Back to my task task tasks…

* for those who are curious, the problem with the Bernina was that when the screw broke off that held the thread guide in place (did I mention that) it broke off the bit that would stop the needle from going up too far. so now I just have to eyeball where that would be, stop the needle there, tighten in place and I’m good to go!

10 thoughts on “in the middle of a dozen things

  1. rungirlrun says:

    thanks. Now I’ve got “sock-a monkey” hey hey going through my head. I’ve been inspired by your softie bus and am making a chinook helicopter for my daughter. My machine is out being fixed although I don’t think I’ll be quite as lucky as you.

  2. amy k. says:

    I need to get on the sock monkey. after I finish making my HUGE batch of berry clobbler, which i will eat for every meal this weekend.
    and hello? typo? have you not noticed every comment I post makes me sound like an crazy alien? I never proof enough and then just hit the post button-letting the world know what a bad typist i am and how i can’t focus on any one thing. . .your monkey looks so funny with it’s bum hole stickin’ out like that!:)

  3. katiek says:

    i’m glad I’m not the only one who takes screaming kids to the craft store. Peace and blessings to Oscar for giving his mama some grown-up shopping time!

  4. Yvette says:

    oh my goodness! This is so cute and I love those cuties! I have so many japanese craft mags and I can’t evenr ead them but I cang et an idea after I look at pics!

  5. Cinnamon says:

    So I saw a thumbnail of you eating a lemon on Flickr. The first thought I had, “What is with all these people eating fruit with spoons?”
    Now it makes sense. Not why people eat fruit with a spoon, but why you had another image of fruit eating. Excellent apron, and I love the texture of the fabric ridges. I wonder what it would look like if it were made out of organza on a very small and tightly sewn scale. Hmmm?

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