I’m bought and sold!

I should be using this nap time to work on my sock monkey but what am I doing, searching ebay! For vintage fabric? buttons? new shoes? our discontinued C&B plates? no, for a Thomas train set! The Down by the Docks set to be more specific. Why am I doing this? because Oscar needs a new fancy $150+ train set? Not really since his idea of playing with toys is to dump them all out on the floor, crash them into each other, pile them back into the cubbie to dump them out again. No, because I do! I desperately want it. I need to play with it. It has a barge for crap’s sake! A barge and a crane and a truck and a lighthouse as well as the good bridge and a playmat and a little Sir Topham Hatt.


When I was pregnant with Oscar I dreaded the idea of having a house full of Thomas and Bob the Builder junk. I had aesthetic objections. I’m still not a Bob fan, but I really dig the Thomas stuff. Those crazy faces on the trains, the cool model sets and the Alec Baldwin narrated adventures have made Thomas really grow on me. It’s all very old school. And anyway, Down by the Docks, that’s the place to be!

ok, off ebay and back to sock monkey business…

14 thoughts on “I’m bought and sold!

  1. jenn says:

    my son has the thomas the tank engine train table. it is his favorite thing to play with. we had to buy it because we could not get him off the one in barnes and noble. You can find a lot of it on ebay and most of it is new, probably overstocks, etc. just watch the shipping. it can get costly because some of it is pretty heavy. we also bought some at barnes and noble for half price because the boxes were damaged. good luck, and have fun, they really are as much fun for us!

  2. s.brownrobie says:

    we found a really awesome off brand wooden train set at Target. Came in its own box. Had mountains, a village, some really fun stuff. Then we’ve just added the fancy schmancy Thomas stuff on special occasions.

  3. Lyn says:

    I don’t know if you have the same ‘Thomas’ theme tune as we do in the u.k, but after raising 3 boys over 17 years ,I never wan’t to hear it again.

  4. carrie m says:

    my cousin’s triplets turned me on to thomas, and i must admit an affinity for sir toppum hat. i just love how cross he is, and how upset he gets we tragedy befalls him — like the time jelly exploded in a tanker and ruined his trousers.

  5. di says:

    I have my own bob the builder tin box pencil case…. I “won” it at a quiz night. So not by choice, but it was an amusing prize to win, so Bob now has a special spot in my heart… and junk drawer.

  6. Giao says:

    Hillary, I’ve been lacking playtime on the web lately, so I am just now seeing your new layout. I love it!! Good luck on the Thomas train venture!!

  7. dawn says:

    I agree, I love the Ringo versions!
    But I’m, I mean, my kids, are hooked on Playmobil at the moment. I can’t resist the pirates!

  8. Amanda8 says:

    I love Thomas too! And so does my 3 year old daughter. My son loves to throw the pieces around and chew on them, but I am sure he will grow into them like all other kids do. We desperately need a table, but are waiting until after we move to buy one. I think they are great toys!

  9. Melissa says:

    We have three boys and between us and all our family and friends have spent a fortune on the wooden Thomas sets. And what were they playing with tonight? The stalks off the silverbeet and using them as light sabers!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    Geez, I wish you guys lived closer…Owen would love to play Thomas with Oscar, I bet. Our family room table permanently has a track set up on it now!
    He has also immediately moved the choos into my new dollhouse, too. It has taken over the house. 🙂

  11. dawn marie says:

    So funny! My 1-1/2 year old loves bob & thomas. What is it about those two? The cool vintage coffee table we bought several years ago is now sitting in the corner and in it’s place sits our thomas table. Around and around he goes, stopping only to watch a bob the builder video.

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