Chicago in HO scale

What a fun day so far! Oscar and I got to go downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry with a neighbor. It was so exciting to watch Oscar discover the model train exhibit. We’re a model train family
so we’ve been especially excited for him to see this amazing exhbit, The Great Train Story. Oscar is his father’s son and was shaking with excitement to see all the little cars and trucks and buses and TRAINS. I had to hold him up so he could see and he kept trying to kick off my body with his legs and hurl himself into the exhibit. It was a relief to take him over to the interactive kids exhibit where he could actually touch things. They had so much neat stuff we didn’t have time to see, the robot toys and a new video game exhibit and the super creepy Body Worlds. Need to get back there soon!

Hopefully his escape efforts wore him out and he’ll take a big fat nap. I’m in the middle of pressing and cutting fabric to send out. And when I’m done with that I need to be getting back to my bunnies. Of
course after checking in on all my weblogs I have a sudden urgent need to drop everything and make myself a new wallet like the super SUPER cute one Molly Chicken made (even cuter than the kkomegii inspiration she pointed to!) um
Kim, would this be a "softies pouch"?  ewwwww

7 thoughts on “Chicago in HO scale

  1. Kate Remen-Wait says:

    I took my daughter to Science and Industry recently on on our way through Chicago and she LOVED the Robot exhibit–she kept pointing at one robot toy after another saying “I wish I could love that robot” (she’s 2). She liked the train exhibit (especially the part where you could load containers onto the trains), but the main train-geek part of our family wasn’t there (my husband and son) so we spent more time with the robots.

  2. rosa says:

    Hey, when did you become a Korean language expert? – I was browsing the kkomegii site for hours and couldn’t find the pouch myself!

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