can’t take it anymore

I need some pictures up!

how about some very cute mail I received from Stephanie last week…
she sent this incredibly cute vintage shirt for Oscar. such amazing colors!

and Vivian! how lucky for me to have such a charming new knitting buddy!

and like that wasn’t enough cute, a beautiful drawing by emerging artist Mia

Thanks Stephanie!

or how about some of the amazing fabrics being added to the vintage fabric group on flickr
from katey at one good bumblebee

from jenny b

from Kim

ok, that’s better. now I can go to bed!

4 thoughts on “can’t take it anymore

  1. amy k. says:

    wow-i’m screaming about the fabrics. I WILL TAKE PHOTOS OF MINE SOON!. ugh. i need to get on this. and cute vivian! I can’t believe how RAD mia’s drawing is-and what a cute bug boy you have there.

  2. Stephanie says:

    So cool to see these things in their new home. Oscar! so handsome.
    I am having so much fun over at the flickr group. I am going to keep digging stuff up and posting. I am loving looking through all the fabrics…

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