Back-tack: Lucky me!!

I received the package from my back-tacker this week. I made out like a bandit! This whole back-tack experience has been very good to me. Thanks to Alison and Nicole for arranging it all! So my secret b-t pal was Diana at Clementine’s Shoes and she was far far too good to me. The things she made me are beautiful! Diana has the most impressive sewing skills. Besides being so well-made the choices she made fit my tastes exactly. She took the raw materials she received, which were great but not really my thing, and added super cool fabric from her stash to make something that is so me it’s freaky. And then she was so darn generous filling it all with the fun & truly useful stuff.

Here it is – a quilted bag with a handle. I just love the handle (the oddest things make me happy). The fabrics she chose are so perfect! Orange and yellow vintage barkcloth(?) and a coordinating floral fabric that I’ve seen and loved at the quilt shops before. Actually, we almost bought that fabric to make Oscar’s crib bedding!

A close up of the sashiko style hand quilting. I love she outlined the flowers in white.

A shot of the pretty blue checked lining and the interior pockets. And all the goodies! Opening this was so exciting!

The needle case and pencil/gadget case she made and the lovely notebook and Lotta Jansdotter cards she included.

And one of the most satisfyingly stuffed pincushions I’ve ever seen. The colors even match my favorite pins. So happy.

The gadgets! A long threader thing called a bodkin – never seen that before. A bright yellow  measuring tape. Believe it or not I did not have a retractable measuring tape – yay! A wooden handled Clover seam ripper which I adore. A pair of thread snippers. I love thread snippers. And this super handy little sewing gauge. Another gadget I’ve never seen before.

The inside of the needle case with all the specialty needles that she included. Awesome! And I love the super cute lining fabric. Little tiny buttons and thimbles (click through to flickr and "all sizes" to zoom in).

And a treat. Delicious smelling strawberries and cream tea – seen here next to my yummy soap that Alison sent that I keep on hand for a little craft room aromatherapy. Does everything in Australia smell delicious?

As I said, I made out like a BANDIT! Thank you Diana – you’re my hero! xx

16 thoughts on “Back-tack: Lucky me!!

  1. Daphne says:

    How perfect and wonderful! I love that she matched it to you so well. Now I *really* miss my bodkin… I know it’s around here somewhere.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, that is all so beautiful! You are definitely lucky to have gotten such a talented back-tacker. I absolutely love those colors!!

  3. shanna says:

    Wow Hillary, that’s quite the stash!!! It must feel like Christmas over in weeland.I love the great bags, and the fabrics are too cute. All in all it’s basically just snail mail perfection!!!

  4. sbrownrobie says:

    you ain’t kidding…she certainly has you pegged! what a neat assortment. i only wish i could see all the handiwork in person.

  5. Alison says:

    I’m so glad you had such a great time with this! And your package is trully lovely – Di has excelled herself once again. Thanks for being a great back-tacker, and enjoy your wonderful goodies!

  6. di says:

    So pleased that it’s giving you so much joy 🙂
    I really enjoyed making it and joining in the swapping fun- bring on back-tack #2! I can’t wait to see the flicker gallery of goodies…

  7. Laura says:

    How fun and what a lucky recipient you are! It made me check out the back-tack site and I hope to join if they have a 2nd round! Pretty pretty bag and filled with such special goodies. 🙂

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