as frivolous as coloring your lemonade pink

My pink lemonade apron for this month’s tie one on is about as imparactical as it can be. Sheer, flimsy, gauzy and barely held together with pink thread. But really how messy can you get mixing up lemonade? I was inspired by this design by Peachoo+Krejberg that I saw in Elle a few months ago. They make such beautiful things.

I tore out the page and stuck it up on my inspiration board because I thought it would be a cool quilt idea – folding and piling up fabric for a 3D effect. The beautiful pink and orange combination caught my eye when I was thinking of ideas for the pink lemonade theme. I initially started working with a sheer gauzy pink fabric but then I found this very lightweight pink gingham fabric on super sale at the fabric store and thought maybe it’d be cool because it’s gingham and more of a traditional apron fabric. It is so so difficult to capture the cascading cake icing look Peachoo+Krejberg pull off so brilliantly, but I gave it my best shot.

I like the weight and volume and silliness of this apron even though everyone I show it to says "uh, ok…" My sister Katie was nice enough to do a little photo shoot for us. And even indulge my hommage to the japanese craft book – eating fruit with a spoon.

41 thoughts on “as frivolous as coloring your lemonade pink

  1. amy k. says:

    ack! I LOVE this!!! oh, you should wear it out everywhere. and I lol when I saw the lemon with spoon, got it right away. too funny.
    this is such a fab combo of fashionista/wearable art/and somehow, retro gingham farse, simply wonderful.
    *also-yes, it would be wonderful on a quilt too. . keep that in you back pocket for sure.

  2. Kay Susan says:

    Brilliant! Frivolous! Fancy! Ground breaking – clearly its now open season on Tie One On – no need to be practical? washable? – I wonder, do they still have to be wearable?!!**
    I hate to say it, but my submission this month is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo sensible!

  3. kerrie says:

    I love it, its just beautiful! I was looking at some pink gingham for my version this month but itsnot going to be anywhere near as creative as your one, its gorgeous!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Love this. So great that you’ve done something so original and brave. Very postmodern with the gingham retro reference. Beautifully made, as usual.
    The eating fruit with the spoon thing…strange, as are the giant embellished Lee press-on nail things that the women are often sporting in those Japanese books. Totally incongruous to me.

  5. Bettsi says:

    Oh wow! I’ve been thinking alot lately about how an apron can be a safe canvas for the cutting edge creativity that lurks inside of us and you just proved the fact in a huge way! That apron is brilliant!

  6. jeannie says:

    i remember eating apples with spoons when i was a kid. i totally forgot about it until you brought it up! i told my roommate and she looked at me like i was crazy.
    but i swear it’s like eating yummier, fresher apple sauce! just scrape, don’t dig.

  7. susanne says:

    fantastic apron! love the texture that the folded material makes, almost like corrugated/crimped metal.
    the juice matches your apron (it could double as a skirt)–dig it!

  8. sarah says:

    this is the most gorgeous apron ever! i want to make one for myself – and i actually think you went beyond your inspiration, taking the frothiness to a whole new sugary level. it’s truly genius.

  9. amanda8 says:

    LOVE IT! It is so cutting edge, yet very cool. Who cares if it is practical or not. I think it is perfect to cook a gourmet meal while dressed in high fashion – I know I always do (HA).

  10. Sarah says:

    Very cool! Great job, as always… (I think I must start an official inspiration board, rather than the inspiration binder I have now… I love that idea!)

  11. hannah says:

    oh hillary! this is so lovely! i so admire how you can take that great ad from vogue and make an interpretation that is so you! how can your friends not get it!?? love the lemon with a spoon!

  12. Barb says:

    I forgot to say that when I first looked at it, I thought it was embellished with little plastic curlers, lol. Like an homage to 50’s housewives.

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