The Modern Japanese Print–An Appreciation

I found this beautiful book at the library a few weeks ago, The Modern Japanese Print– An Appreciation by James A. Michener. Some brilliant librarian had pulled it and put it up on the display shelf for me to spot on my way running through the nonfiction floor with Oscar. Here’s the scoop on the book from the inside flap…

"Originally published in 1962 in a limited edition of 475 copies, The Modern Japense Print–An Appreciation soon became a collector’s item. Included in the folio-sized volume were ten original woodblock prints by contemporary Japanese artists. The idea for this unique presentation had originated with James Michener who hoped to assist this little known group of dedicated men achieve wider recognition."

This reprint from 1968 has the original prints produced in full color plates. Each print has commentary by Michener, artist bio, technical details and an artist commentary.

Lamp by Maekawa Sempan

artist’s comment: "Autumn is my favorite season, particularly early autumn when the first cool days come around. In this print I fetched from my childhood memories of autumn days one of the lamps that we used to use and then perched an autumn insect on it."

Mountaineer in Snow by Azechi Umetaro

artist’s comment: "Here I tried to express not only the natural beauty of mountains but also the relationship of man and mountain."

Winter Composition by Iwami Reika

the print: "Four plywood blocks of basswood and launan. Printed on torinoko paper in three japanese-style pigments plus sumi ink, with mica and gum arabic mixed into the black and red. Two impressions for the gray background and one impression each for the black, the thick red, and the thin red."

12 thoughts on “The Modern Japanese Print–An Appreciation

  1. tania says:

    ooh, those are so nice. kind of like the match book book!
    i cant believe your electricity went out, argh.
    glad you are back to normal.
    we put in our ac and you are SO right, i feel normal and not wanting to murder people!
    i am a new lady!

  2. Erin says:

    Lovely- The Honolulu Academy of ARt has a collection of classical Japanese prings given/endowed by Michener. Really amazing collection, fully restored.

  3. hannah says:

    this is so crazy, my friend tara just checked out another japanese print book by james michener last week! it also had some amazing illustrations and lots of fold outs. what a wonderful find, i would say the ladies at your library know your tastes pretty well!

  4. Ez says:

    Oh that is so beautiful… Thank you so much for sharing that. It would never survive intact in our public library. Some people have no respect for something as special and unique as a book such as that. Thanks again.

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