zig-zag’d patchwork bag

I managed to sneak in some sewing at my parents’ house this weekend. I made this bag from my favorite japanese craft book, Machine Made Patchworks. I’m hooked on the zigzag now.

I love picking out fabrics for patchworks. This bag is a surprise gift and I thought the recipient would appreciate the origins of all the different fabrics I used. I tried to id them all over here on flickr. I love the note feature!

The magnetic snap is a little on the freakishly strong side. The bag is impossible to open while on your shoulder, you have to get both hands on it and pry it open. I need think of a fix for that.

40 thoughts on “zig-zag’d patchwork bag

  1. Anamaria says:

    Ooh, I love the zigzag stitching. Can I ask: how did you make that? Were the print fabrics pieced first or appliqued to the main bag fabric? Is that variegated thread? Whatever, it all looks very graphic and gorgeous. Thanks!

  2. joy madison says:

    I love this…I might try it, it seems like an easier variation on “quilting” when you put in your lining, do you sew it in by hand, or do you use a machine?

  3. amanda says:

    I love this bag–what wonderful colors and fabrics together. Gorgeous! Oh, and I’m having the same problem with some of those magnetic snaps….hmnn….I think the key might be to use the smallest size (ie. weaker magnet?).

  4. Susanne says:

    I definitely had to stop using the larger size of magnet. They can tear right out of your bag! The small one is plenty strong and has worked on all sizes so far. I wonder where the large one would come in handy?!
    Your bag is great… what a fabulous idea on how to use so many different fabrics and not too much of them!

  5. AngelaM says:

    I posted a tutorial on craftster about magnetic snaps and got lots of cool responses and improvements. I used to attach the “frames” to a small fabric sqare. I’d then sew the squares to the backside of the lining, and that prevents it from tearing through the fabric. (You do end up with visible stitching in the lining though). Another person suggested using plastic canvas, and that works well too.
    Love the bag!

  6. jenny r says:

    I know there are less-strong magnetic snaps out there and I need to find them! They can do a number on the bag if the fabric sides are not properly reinforced.

  7. jenny r says:

    I just read the previous comment. . . yep, you do need to back them with interfacing or several plys (or plies) of fabric but they can still rip at the holes you have to create for the prongs.

  8. debbie says:

    beautiful bag! with the zig-zag stitching, it looks similar to pojagi. love the way you noted where you got the fabric (over on flickr) very lucky girl to get such a pretty gift!

  9. Mariko says:

    Kawaii! Very chic and lovely. Oh, and I experienced the same thing with the magnetic closure. It feels like it is going to rip right through the fabric! I think I will get a teeny one next time …

  10. elizabeth says:

    another purse that has completely blown me away! i absolutely luv it!
    and yeah, the square with the yellow polka dots is from me. i am so happy that you are getting use outta the fabric 🙂

  11. Hillary says:

    hey thanks everybody! I hope the recipient does like it. here are some answers…
    the squares have batting behind them and then are appliqued with the z.z. stitch to the bag. I did the grid first and then the squares inside.
    nope, not varigated thread
    I sewed the lining in by machine. front and back get a layer of batting and then are sewed right sides together. Then the lining is popped in and it’s sewn by machine with the straps sewn in there too.
    I’m awful at explaining things. Hope that makes sense!
    Thanks for the magnetic snap advice. I’m thinking I might try to glue some felt or something on one side of the magnet to make the connection less powerful. We’ll see how big of a mess I make of it.

  12. Hillary says:

    Lisa – I made it exactly as the pattern in the book had it laid out. I was messing around with the blocks and couldn’t get them to look right and then was all aha! – do it just like in the picture 🙂

  13. sarah (the small object) says:

    Very cool bag + idea…oh the ideas are buzzing!! And I use these snaps on my animal tote bags and what I do is make the lining fabric a bit longer so you have about 2 inches that you can fold down. That way, you can attach the magnet to the wrongside of the lining fabric + fold it down in between the lining + the exterior. (So the magnet is facing the wrongside of the lining fabric) That way you have a piece of cloth in between both of the magnets so you can actually open them! Hope this makes sense…I even use a small piece of vinyl scrap sandwiched in the clasp to stengthen it.

  14. Kwlkitten says:

    HOW DID U MAKE THAT!!! THAT IS GORGEOUS!! UR REELY TALENTED! please email the instructions on how 2 make that i would be soooooooooooooooooo gratefull!!!!!! LOL IT IS tres tres beautiful!

  15. Eurcinia says:

    Have you made the purse that is quilted in strips from this book? I’ve been looking for the pattern everywhere can you share?

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