we can rebuild him

I’ve added a new word to my mommy vocabulary this weekend…secondary infection. Oscar developed an ear infection from his lingering snot cold. At least now he’s on antibiotics and feeling worlds better. He’s the antibiotic boy – bouncing (literally) off of the walls, running around hollering at the top of his refound voice, throwing toys in the air with glee. It’s exhausting but I’m so glad he’s feeling better.

With a week+ full of sick, a wasted holiday weekend, another wasted weekend playing catch up, seemingly every blogger I read being on vacation, and the realization that there’s no summer vacation in our future I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself. Good thing I have the mail to cheer me up! The past few maildays brought my new stunning Jen Corace print from Tiny Showcase, fabulous fabric from Claire from the vintage fabric swap, a great just-because package of fun from Amy of Amyville fame…

and from Katey an amazing package of vintage fabric from our little swap. So many great things in here – thanks Katey!!

See more pictures of the mail goodness over on flickr…here.

This weekend in stolen moments I’m working on reorganizing things around here (online) and I’ve started Tim thinking about a new design. I’ve added a few weblog links… mamaunraveled2, port2port, my little mochi, angry chicken. I’m still working on transferring my project photo albums over to flickr and then I’m going to add some new sidebar sections.

What else, oh! Amy’s "tie one on". fun!

88 degrees today – time to go melt into a puddle of cranky.

7 thoughts on “we can rebuild him

  1. amy k. says:

    oh-so happy to here oscar is feeling better. sadie got her first ear infection with her last major cold-and boy did that ever suck.
    great treats and thank you for the link (I have been meaning to mention that!! always too distracted about whatever cute thing you are posting about!:)

  2. Melissa says:

    Ahh! Poor Oscar. Poor you!
    I guess ear infections are all the rage!
    And I’m right with you on the no-vacation, playing catch-up thing. Boo. Hiss.

  3. hannah says:

    glad to hear that oscar is feeling better, im sure it feels nice to emerge into the warm weather healthy and happy! not that you need another project on your list, but it would be great if you made a childrens book recommendation list, you always have such great picks!

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