this weblog does not function in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees

Our apartment is impossible to cool and I am completely useless when overheated. I can’t even find a cool (chilly) looking photo on flickr to cheer me up.

6 thoughts on “this weblog does not function in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees

  1. hannah says:

    aaah, the midwest. its a wet, awful heat. its a wonder more people dont live here! cheers for the neighborhood pool, get oscar in a swim diaper, stat!

  2. joy madison says:

    I’m sorry….it’s freezing here in seattle (65) in the middle of June….weird huh? It only snowed 1/4 inch this year, but its 65 in the middle of june…I’m not sure its the best trade off!

  3. Joyce Buzzard says:

    Hi There:
    I’m a regular reader of your blog and admire your crafty moxie. I’ve put a post up on my blog today regarding your dilemna and included a pic of my surroundings. Winter happens 7 months out of the year in Whistler BC and most homeowners own a snowblower, or at least a plow bolted to the front bumper of an old pick up truck.
    Hope it puts a chill in the air where you are!

  4. Sarah says:

    Put a cold, wrung out, washcloth across the back of your neck and hold ice to your pulse points and in your elbow and knee joints to cool down.

  5. Aimee Roo says:

    i would love it to be 90 degrees! it is cold here too, which is not normal for june in utah. it even snowed yesterday in some areas!!! i have the heater on, which makes me sad.
    maybe you could get some big fans and blow some of the heat out west. 🙂

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