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I’m feeling all deja vu’y and nostalgic these days. It was this same time last year that I got hooked on crafty weblogs and started back to sewing full throttle (my blog birthday is right around the corner!). The weather, the garage sales, all the crafty how-to books I’ve been getting lately – they’re all reminding me of this time last year. Thinking about the early days made me realize how I haven’t written about any of our children’s book finds in ages. Oscar and I still hit the library 3 or 4 times a week and while the chances of me finding something fun and new are lessening, I still manage to bring home at least one great book a week. I’m debating whether or not to put a list of the books we’re into on the sidebar. In the meanwhile here are some of our recent faves.

Oscar’s new favorite book is slide, already by Kit Allen. I was so happy to find a new book by one of our favorite author/illustrators. Oscar gets so excited when we’re reading this book – he kicks his feet and slaps the book and jumps out of my lap.


This book is by Taro Gomi who made the super cool coloring book Scribbles. It’s called Bus Stops and on top of the beautiful Gomi illustrations it’s a very fun "i spy" kinda thing – "can you find a bulldozer" Oscar’s getting the hang of it and pointing before the question is asked.


No Roses for Harry! I’m a sucker for all the little vintage looking kids in their great hats.

The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo and the Swella Bow-Wow by Ralph Cosentino. His name, Honk-Honk-Ashoo, is the sound he makes when snoring. And he’s a big pillow! Everything at Honk Honk’s house is a little character – the slippers, the wagon, the smiling lamp, etc. So cute!

Dog Blue
by Polly Dunbar is the cutest little boy and his dog story. Almost makes me want to take on a puppy. Almost. The School Library Journal review on Amazon says the pencil and watercolor drawings are too monochromatic and not eye-catching. But I love them. I’m a sucker for the monochromatic.

20 thoughts on “some new-to-me kids books

  1. dawn says:

    I was at a rummage sale last weekend, and someone had finally decided to clean out all the kids’ games and books they had, from the 50’s!! I got a couple of games and one book that made me think of you, “I Can Fly” by Ruth Krauss with illustrations by Mary Blair. It is just lovely.

  2. rachelkates says:

    Such cute books! And Oscar’s so lucky — I totally remember my mom taking me to the library for cool books like these.

  3. Beth says:

    My kids have always loved “Harry the Dirty Dog” (and so do I!!)
    Thanks for the “slide, already”, we are having some slide issues with the 2 yo, ahem! Maybe this book will serve as an object lesson?
    My other favorites (and my older son’s have been), but maybe in another year for your little one: Dinosaur Bob and Lyle Lyle Crocodile (I don’t know why personified prehistoric creatures crack me up)
    ps-still loving the wristlet! thanks!

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh boy, that Harry book! Max insisted on constant re-readings for several months, now I can’t go near it without some sort of allergic reaction. But I do remember it being great–in the beginning.

  5. Heatherica says:

    You should make a sidebar for books! I love children’s books, and my 3 year old is also very into them himself 🙂 I will put all these on our library list. Dog Blue looks really cute. I love monochromatic too.

  6. Adrian says:

    Oh! I am so happy to see No Roses for Harry. A couple of people have told me that my dog looks just like Harry the Dirty Dog and I always forget to look him up to see him. My dog does look like him!

  7. Hanna says:

    No roses for Harry was one of my favourits as a child, translated to swedish. I hope I still own it, since I guess it was about knitting? Will look in the attic at my parents. 🙂
    Great finds! I really love that you like childrens books so much!

  8. martha says:

    My Oskar (11 months) loves Taro Gomi’s My Friends -it tells how a little girl learns something from each of her animal friends. We will definitely have to check out Bus stops.
    Thanks for all the great recommendations.

  9. momo says:

    what a coincidence!! i never checked out the kids’ books section but i did yesterday during lunch time at a local bookstore…and spotted the “no roses for harry” too!! i thought the illustration is so cute! would love to read the “ashoo” too!! =)

  10. Melissa says:

    What a coincedence! We borrowed ‘Dog Blue’ earlier in the week from the library and I am in Melbourne, Australia. I think great minds must think alike Hillary 🙂 I love the pictures in ‘Dog Blue’, and that is quite often the basis of the books I choose for the boys. Although this doesn’t mean they are neccessarily a good book! I find there are lots of poorly written books with cute illustrations out there. Let’s here it for the well written children’s book!

  11. carly says:

    I wish our library had all of those awesome books…. I end up buying a lot of Lily’s (and my) books…. I love Polly Dunbar….I have just finished doing a painting workshop with the kids in my junior and toddler classes with ‘fly away katie’…. it has been such an exciting story for them…. they were so taken by it’s crazyness and I have had requests to reread it for the past three weeks. Think we might try the library again this week, you have inspired me.

  12. Alison says:

    My dear, sweet Hilary, thank you sooooooo much for your absolutely exquisite back tack package!! I was just speechless that I was so blessed to have you make me something, and I am in awe of your obvious talent and knack for creating beautiful things. My kids had almost as much fun as I did opening the box! I’m about to post the picks for the flikr show, and the story will be on my blog tonight.
    Thank you so, so much!!
    Hugs, Alison

  13. amy k. says:

    these are wonderful-must check them out
    sadie has hit a new phase where she FReAKS when we return books. she gets so attached and doesn’t understand the whole “we can visit them” concept-so after the last visit going horribly, I think we are a library diet for a bit.:(

  14. aimee says:

    Harry the Dirty dog! He begins as a “white dog with brown spots” and ends up a “brown dog with white spots”. I LOVED those books, we had them at my elementary school library.*sigh* I gotta keep my eyes peeled for some for my own library…

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