What’s the only way to make a hot sticky Chicago summer weekend bearable? A trip to Mitsuwa for some Japanese goodness. I found this very cool book on embroidery.. Point (ISBN4277311482)

(photos link to bigger versions over on flickr)

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

Japanese embroidery book

I’m always in a mad rush at Mitsuwa to look through things because Oscar is running around violently deshelving every book he can get his hands on. So although I LOVE this book I think it was a bit of a impulse buy. I’m not really any good at embroidery. I’m thinking I should pass this book on to someone who could really use it. So if anyone is interested and wants to paypal me the $15 plus shipping to them let me know.

These goodies from the dollar store I’m keeping and are more in my budget – 3 new crochet hooks and a tiny little basket bag (!) that I can send out with swap treats in it.


20 thoughts on “point

  1. Emily says:

    Oo, I’m interested in the embroidery book if no one else has contacted you about it. One, I have yet to pop my Japanese caft bok cerry and two, I’ve recently rediscovered how much I love to embroider. Just let me know at the attached address!

  2. Alison says:

    I had this book on order through yesasia for months and they couldn’t get it in stock. I just liked the front cover so much 🙂 Nice to finally see some of the pages inside. Now I want it even more!

  3. Lu says:

    That is a most lovely book. I have no luck finding books like this where I am located. I am always down for a swap and it is good to see another person that loves to crochet!

  4. moki says:

    Cute book. BTW at my walmart, they have baskests in that would be suitable for your project “purses.” They are flexible but have handles that look like they’d be easy to remove.

  5. lk says:

    Too bad we can’t figure out how to organize an “off the record” pattern swap… I have seen some wonderful bag books, but find I really only like a pattern or two. I made the bag I posted yesterday on my website from a screen shot from an ebay ad! If people are interested, I wonder if I or someone else couldn’t create a blog or livejournal that would be open for people to post looking for patterns or offering to share from their books.

  6. lyn says:

    You should put up a warning before you post these books, so those of us with no self-control can look away. I can hear yesasia softly calling my name….

  7. Jane says:

    No kidding, you made those adorable sheepies on the apron!
    Dude I think I’m bringing my air mattress to work and camping here tonight. I’m absolutely serious. I CAN’T TAKE THIS UNENDING HOTNESS.

  8. miss fae says:

    I bought that SAME book yesterday at Kinokunya in tokyo. Then i came over to your journal this morning and was all, oh wow! That same book! Oh, the craft books i am gathering, oh oho ho

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