Pictures in Patchwork

I picked up this cool ass book at the sales this past week. It is by Marie-Janine Solvit and was originally published in France in 1976. I know, I know, another 70s craft book. But again, I can’t help myself. I’m really feeling this whole pictorial quilt thing lately. This book was such a serendipitous find.


"an aerial view of a house surrounded by the trees of its garden" I’ve always wanted to do a quilt of a garden plan, but it’s always seemed too daunting of a project.


I really love this around the border thing. And the houses. I always love houses in quilts. This reminds me a bit of this house quilt that I love.


And more houses.. a house tree


A house block


A farm landscape


And these two are knit! How is that even possible!!



and man do I want to win the fabric lottery too!!

12 thoughts on “Pictures in Patchwork

  1. cindy says:

    i love it. a house tree, so neat. and winning the fabric lottery would be cool. although i think my husband would move out. he complains now and i really don’t have that much fabric anymore! 🙂

  2. mrspilkington says:

    oh, that book looks wonderful to me, and i don’t even quilt (yet.) i’ve been collecting 60s and 70s craft books like crazy lately…some great stuff you don’t see anymore.

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