Keeping the Dutch thing going from yesterday, here are some amazing vintage craft books that the super sweet Mim sent me from the Netherlands. They were published in 1970 and are very similar to a lot of the American vintage craft books I have from the 70s but for some reason these are so much better. I love just about everything in them and it all seems so current. Maybe I’m just really feeling the 70s this week.

these cutie dolls look like they’re straight out of one of my japanese craft books!




what are these?! I love them! have to learn to crochet in the round


with matching bags!


one of the books is on dolls and the other two, Nieuwe Borduur Ideeen and Borduur Met Plezier have lots of embroidery projects


and a few patchworks


more pincushions


love these butterflies


and even some kids’ artwork to textile transformation


Love this squirrel!


birdie mobile for babies



Thanks so much Mim!!

29 thoughts on “lappenpoppen

  1. Ligia says:

    This whole site is a poetry. I feel so happy and delite. Here is warm, sweet, cozy and calm.
    You´re an artist. May I have a picture os one of your things at my blog, to show your work here in Brazil?…yes, I know….a lot of brazilians love your work…you are so famous here, among the craftsgilr…

  2. romy says:

    hi. i love these vintage books! could you please post the titles of all three Craft Books and the authors? I can’t see all the details from the photo. Thank You.

  3. momo says:

    the dollies on the bench are so adorable!!! make me wanna learn to crochet…but i have tried knitting before and was so bad at it and gave up =P

  4. robiewankenobie says:

    so, you seem to be the master of little notion kits and such. i’ve got a question for you… i’m going to make a mini notion kit out of an altoid tin. i’ll include a tape measure, beaded stitch markers, and tiny scissors. what else shoud i include? and how do i present it nicely?

  5. Pammy says:

    This is weird, but I’m sure I have the pig and sheep cushions in an ondori book somewhere. I’m going to go and find it… hmm wish me luck.

  6. carly says:

    STOP STOP!!! I can’t handle any more…how am I ever going to have time to try all these totally adorable projects….you are right about how ‘modern’ all these pieces look… they have a real naive/organic illustrative look which is so popular with all us crafty gals at the moment…notice the elephant pin?? I wonder if its fimo?

  7. Jo says:

    I’ve been making pin cushions for the fundraising stall for my daughter’s kinder and those pictures really inspired me! Thanks!

  8. Kitty says:

    I actually am dutch and when i was a little girl my granma gave me one of those books and another one (Lappenpoppen voor vaardige vingers). Just last week i found them again and started making things about of it. I love to do it and i hope you enjoy it to, love,

  9. Molly says:

    Dear hillary,
    I enjoy your blog very much, Im married to a dutch man,I LoVE ANYTHING DUTCH also I have a very special fabric shop that has been open for three years. I linked you on my blog. Will you check my site and blog out, if you like it, will you link me? I need people to know about me. Thank you, I hope I talk with you sometime. Molly

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