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Our good friends Teresa and Aaron just got back from their European vacation and were nice enough to bring us a souvenir. They were in Amsterdam and said posters by this illustrator, Fiep Westendorp, were everywhere and they thought they might be cute for Oscar’s room. Boy have they got my number!



A trip to the Fiep Westendorp website reveals that the illustration above is Pluk and his red breakdown lorry and the second one is
Jip and Janneke and that there is going to be an
exhibition of Westendorp’s work this summer in Tokyo. There’s also a great timeline/biography that I need to go back and read through when Oscar’s not clammoring to get going. Love these little cuties!


Thanks guys!

13 thoughts on “Fiep Westendorp

  1. amanda says:

    Those are adorable images–what good friends to know they were “just right” for you! I bet they’ll be perfect in Oscar’s room. So fun!

  2. mim says:

    That is ‘Pluk van de Petteflet’, a story by Annie M.G. Schmidt, probably the most famous childrens author of the Netherlands.
    Fiep Westendorp has done many if not all the illustration for her books.
    There’s also ‘Pluk’ the movie, very cute if you know the book (and also if you don’t :o) )
    Hillary, if there is anything you’d like to have don’t hesitate to mail, i’m right here at the source 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Both of my parents are Dutch, and they read to us out of Jip and Janneke (translating as they read, which made the stories sound clunky. There were also very long pauses, sometimes my brothers would fall asleep.) As a child I was terrified of the illustrations — there was something so spooky about those two little kids, all in black, so that you couldn’t see their expressions.
    I now live in the Netherlands and have two daughters of my own, who thankfully show no interest in being read aloud to out of Jip and Janneke. We do have J&J memory and puzzles, and pyjamas. And forks/spoons/knives. Come to think of it, we have more J&J stuff than I’d like to have.
    Pluk van de Petteflet is different — not so scary 🙂 Mirthe adores the film (great soundtrack) and we have the book somewhere, I should dig around and find it.
    And the Hema rules! We have a mini-Hema in the shopping center near our house, and I can always find something to take home with me.

  4. karin says:

    Hey this is fun a fun coincidence.
    F. just had his 3rd birthday and from his (fairy) godmother got a Fiep Westendorp/Annie mg Smid book, called Floddertje (the dirtiest child in Holland) 🙂
    It’s got the best illos.
    Jip & Janneke is cute and fun, if a bit dated (Jip the boy, is always braver than Janneke). The stories are full of misschief which is good fun to read. There are also tapes on which the writer tells the stories herself, in her distinct voice, it’s a joy to listen to those as well.
    Let me know if I can send you something 🙂

  5. jenn says:

    I love Fiep Westendorp. I am an aspiring illustrator and she inspires me.
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. I am hoping to purchase some of her illustrations (either in poster form or preferably books). Gosh, I covet your posters…
    Anyone know if I can get them somewhere in the USA or only from the Netherlands?

  6. David Holmes says:

    Hi, we have a Jip and Janneke plate that my mother bought in England, with Jip as a Drummer. but, at 16, my daughter has broken it, and really wants to replace it. It’s sister plate, with Janneke as a ballet dancer, is from HEMA , but the drummer plate doesn’t say that. Anyone know where someone might have a similar plate I can buy? I add that it was bought for Pippa when she was four, so it’s 13 years old.

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