kids’ art quilt idea

Someday in the future, when Oscar decides eating crayons is yucky and that it’d be fun to draw with them instead, I’m going to make him a quilt like this out of his artwork.


I found this quilt in one of my Japanese quilting magazines in readers’ quilts section in the back. It is just the coolest idea. I love the whole making quilts/bags/softies/etc out of children’s art. Like this beautiful small quilt Amanda made and of course all Lizette‘s cute stuff

some day

19 thoughts on “kids’ art quilt idea

  1. hannah says:

    that quilt is so cool! what a great way to remember your childrens art. i cant tell by the picture, how did they recreate the drawings? are they embroidered copies?

  2. amanda says:

    Wow, wow, wow….that quilt is simply amazing. Is the art embroidered or transfered? The transition from eating the crayons to creating art was one of my favorite and most rewarding parenting moments…it’s coming soon for you!

  3. kelly says:

    Really fun idea… and I like how it has incorporated standard blocks around the artwork. You could really customize the surrounding blocks to suit Oscar’s interests… Fun!

  4. Anamaria says:

    That is just an amazing quilt. There’s so much to look at! I love all the little blocks, especially the puppy faces; the handprints (mother and child?); and of course, the artwork. I dream of making something like this someday! Thanks so much for posting it.

  5. mrspilkington says:

    gorgeous…and the bag is adorable. thanks for posting it! i got some similar ideas while reading some of jean ray laury’s amazing books that i’ve just gotten, (especially “imagery on fabric”, and reading an old article by katherine knauer in american quilter. i can’t wait for my daughter to stop eating crayons too!

  6. riarug says:

    Hey, my crafty Aunt once made a quilt for my Grandmother when all of us cousins were small. What she did was to cut 12 inch x 12 inch pieces of white cotton fabric and sent one piece to each grandchild. My grandmother had 8 children and at that time I think she had 12 or thirteen granchildren. She asked each of us to draw a picture on the fabric with an HB pencil and mail it back to her (my family is spread out accross Canada). Parents with smaller children just traced their hands. She then took each square and used fabric paint and coloured in each picture and then assembled it and had the top quilted. It was given to my grandmother for her 60th birthday. She sent pictures of the quilt to each family. I was able to see the quilt once again when my Grandmother passed away a few years ago, up to the day she died it was on her bed. The nice thing about a quilt like that is, one could embroider the name of each new grandchild as they are born and the quilt becomes a genealogical treasure.
    My mom only has two children and three grandchildren, but she would treasure a gift like that too. Hmmmmm….

  7. Mimi K says:

    I had the kid who never put crayon/pencil/marker to paper- it was all blocks and other 3-d construction toys for him- no way to quilt those artworks! … sometimes it happens that way 🙂

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