what’s so yummy mummy

I have serious doubts about the random shuffle on iTunes. Cab Calloway seems to be beating the odds and popping up all the time.

So Oscar and I are getting ready for our fun fun love it music class (it’s all in how you spin it – right!). I think this afternoon if I get a chance I’ll post some of my favorites from the vintage fabric swap goodies I’ve received so far. I’m also in the middle of some changes to the site. Tim added a cool google search on the side that searches just this site. I thought this would be much more handy then the listing of archives by month. I’m also switching my photo albums over to flickr. It’s going to be a big undertaking but I think it will be much cooler in the end. Also I’m going to run out of space here on typepad sooner or later. The flickr albums will look like this new one I’ve set up – mail. I thought it’d be fun to post swap goodies and other things I get in the mail over here.

Things I’ve been enjoying this weekend…

Naive Knitting’s Studio Confidante project
Katey’s awesome Japanese find
Camilla’s new prints
A grown up movie
Aprons and long distance friends via mama unraveled 2

and because I’m from the every-post-needs-a-photo school of thought…fabric envy

5 thoughts on “what’s so yummy mummy

  1. Cindy says:

    Geeze …blog commenting when I am busy doing 10 things at once leaves you with vauge comments….sorry, I ment to say that you are Touturing me with Japanese fabric envy pics 🙂
    So agree with random shuffle…if I hear one more beatles song they are coming off!

  2. Jane says:

    THANK YOU for adding the search option. I wish all my favorite bloggers (and former roommates 🙂 ) would add that. I HATE it when I’m like “Hmmm, what was the name of that place Weetabix was talking about, some Brazilian meat place or something?” Arggh. Happens all the goddamn time.
    Hope music class is coming along!
    Oh and ::whispering:: hopefully pictures of the pojagi lamp coming your way soon. I’m beaming with pride, it looks fucking awesome. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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