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Tim and I got very excited the other night about apartment improvement plans and went a little crazy ordering posters online. We’ve been wanting to put up a long narrow shelf in the living room to lean art up on. And then seeing the idea again in the Todd Oldham book inspired us to pull the trigger. Soon these treats will be coming to live with us!

Tara McPherson


Sasha Barr


Robert Oliver Jones


pushmepullyou design


Now that the shopping high has worn off I’m wondering how the heck we’re going to be able to afford to have all these framed! We have, I think, 2 more we’re trying to order and we still have that awesome Jay Ryan waiting for a frame. sigh. Does anybody know of anywhere to get things framed besides the chains? What other sort of places do framing? There’s got to be an alternative to Michaels and the uber expensive and cheesy Frames’R Us stores.

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  1. juju says:

    Have you though about Ikea frames, super cheep. Where I live I can go to my local hardware store and they will knock up some frames to my specs. They are the best and cheapest. They leave you to do the mounting etc. Do you have anything like that?

  2. Erin says:

    That’s so funny you posted about this… there was a poster show at SXSW with pretty much everyone you list above, and my husband bought a Tara McPherson Shonen Knife poster that just arrived in the mail. It’s sooo nice! Have to get that framed along with a J. Otto Seibold poster from a few years ago.
    The Bright Eyes one was one of my faves from pushmepullyou!

  3. maria says:

    hi! i keep forgetting when i read your blog that you’re in Chicago! when i saw Jay Ryan i was so excited … i have lots of his posters too. he is such a great guy and i love this work. cheers & here is to posters! a great way to cover the walls cheaply and with great style.
    {we don’t frame ours, we hang them with two clips, one in each corner, attached to nails}.
    your stie & stuff is super fun, mav

  4. shanna says:

    I live in New York and work at The Great Frame Up. Maybe you have one close by. The are actually pretty good and reasonable with lots of cool choices. Are you thinking of mats etc…or just frames?

  5. Ashley says:

    I always buy ready-made frames and have mats cut to fit the posters. The mats are rally inexpensive and that is what makes it look like a great frame job. This is goes along with my other favorite trick with buying a big frame for a postcard and then cutting the mat to fit it into a frame. Big art=tiny price.

  6. Jane says:

    I second the IKEA idea if you want something really simple – just glass and no mat or border. I have an oddly shaped piece I bought at the Art Fair on the Square which I ended up finding a perfect frame for at IKEA, and it was like 4 bucks (of course).
    If you do want frames and mats, you might want to check out something like a University bookstore – someplace where the broke art students shop for their supplies. My mom gets all her canvases and shit there because it’s super cheap. And while there with her one day I noticed they had a LOT of stuff that I have bought at Michael’s or the stained glass store, except for much less. Grrr. Shopping there from now on.
    Awesome posters btw. I ::heart:: Bright Eyes.

  7. amy says:

    Cool posters! Hobby Lobby (on Roosevelt Road in Lombard) has a large selection of frames, and I think they do custom framing.

  8. amy in az says:

    Love your posters! Great inspiration for decorating too. I must share… the Killers Poster you ordered: venue marquee theatre, in Tempe- is litterally blocks down the street from where I work! Fun venue only seats about 1000 people. Upcoming shows include NIN and Bright Eyes. So when u get your poster think of me in Arizona! :)xo

  9. Nicole B. says:

    I’ve made frames before using molding, matte plexiglass, cardboard and a miter box. I buy the mats at an art supply store and use that as my guide for the frame.
    You are handy so they would probably come out better than mine.

  10. susanne says:

    those posters are fantastic! i’ll have to look them up later, i love the mod look of them.
    sorry, i have no framing solution… 🙁 the only framed picture i have came with the frame–i lugged both back from thailand, i think i’m nuts.

  11. Joel says:

    Those posters are really cool.I especialy like The KILLERS one.I dont have an actual reason it just looks nice to me.I might just get that one…..

  12. Christine says:

    Love the posters, such a great decorating idea. As I am moving soon it has inspired me to get some for my bedroom. A few hours later I had about 15 on my list of ones I liked!! eeeck soo hard to choose!

  13. Monica says:

    a second vote here for the use of moulding/crown moulding and a miter box –used oh so cleverly with your crafty skills. Also, if you have a foam core mount (it’s lighter than mount board) done for the print and plexi cut to size you can secure the plexi to the foamcore mount with masking tape all around the edges before framing up. I’ve framed up many large prints this way, as well as made a couple of very large chalkboard frames out of the most ornate moulding I could find…and gaudy goldleafed the chalkboard frames of course!
    good luck!

  14. evelyn says:

    i have that same jay ryan poster and have it in a cheap target frame, which makes me really sad. when i move i am paying to have it professionally framed. it just doesn’t look as nice as it should in a frame that’s actually too big for it.
    actually, i’ve also heard that at places like michael’s or hobby lobby you can buy frame parts, like the four pieces that go around the side, and then you can go to a home improvement store and have them cut a piece of glass to fit for a few bucks. much cheaper than professional framing but a little more expensive than ikea (but then, custom-sized)

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