7 thoughts on “over on the flickr

  1. Jenny says:

    i noticed your picture post of the lost in translation owl! i’ve been wanting that owl since i watched that movie also! i did a little research and found this:
    but i’m not sure whether they’re selling it or not. i’m going to have to get my japanese friend to translate (and possibly order!) it for me. good luck!

  2. maria says:

    ooooh … the photo is VERY pretty.
    i love close ups of simple things.
    reminds us to LOOK more often.
    thanks for showing … mav

  3. beth maher says:

    My favourite part of your flickr page is scrolling down to see the evidence of your obsession with the LIT owl. He is super cute Mostly because he’s so huge. Although I’m sure you could whip up your own little felt wee version in no-time.

  4. Morgana says:

    I have been searching for this owl for ages. Can anyone sell me one somehow?
    Get it for me somewhere, and I will pay you a good deal of money?
    The monseuil store wants me to pay 200$, and I would – but I dont have that much 🙁

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