me too! aprons!

After seeing all the apron fantastic over at rollerskates and an apron yesterday, it is apron fever at angry chicken today. So instead of spending my precious Oscar respite working on the alarmingly long list of to-dos I’ve written out I’m sitting here playing the apron game too. I didn’t realize how much I’ve had apron on the brain these days.

I’ve been thinking of making one for Tim. He has a nasty habit of getting super messy while making dinner and since I suck ass at laundry, I thought – boy apron! Something bbq-ish with a little embroidery to make me giggle – super dad or something. I’d like to make this one but I don’t think he’d go for it.

Then yesterday when I was perusing that awesome japanese link from Katey I came across this page of wonderful aprons. I love them – so stripey, so utilitarian, so gadget great. And I started dreaming up a notions carrying apron for my back-tack project! Wouldn’t that be so cool! Something like this but with special pockets for pincushion, seamripper, etc. Not very practical though. It’d be kinda pokey when you settled into the sofa for a night of sewing.


It also dawned on me that apron was where I was going with this, my next doll design. I was thinking of a group of my new dolls with pockets in the dress/body for craft tools and supplies for sewing, knitting, drawing, etc. A built in apron!

UPDATE: yes yes!! like Brandy’s utility belt on her self portrait as a young artist. just like that! but not as cool and fancy.


That’s what I should be doing – cutting out my next doll instead of sitting here at the computer but first just two more things…

This photo Amy posted from one of her apron books set off an "a-ha" for me. I’ve been looking for a cute pattern for a simple jumper or dress that I could make for all the little baby girls in my life. Now I’m thinking apron – that great over-the-shoulder criss cross in the back number. That doesn’t look too hard and how fun would that be for a little girl?! And lastly, Amy – I found one in the basement! It’s yours if you want it. A little frilly Degas for you?

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18 thoughts on “me too! aprons!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Those Japanese stripey utility-aprons are awesome!
    I keep threatening to make my husband an architect’s apron/toolbelt with places for his scales, tape measure, calculater, sketchpad, pens, pencils, etc. Somehow, I don’t think he’d wear it.

  2. jordana/mylaar says:

    there is some serious apron-synchronicity in the air! i’ve spent all week thinking about aprons and pinafores, thanks to finding a cute apron at anthrolopolgie (coincidentally the same one that “angry chicken” has — i’m thinking about building a skirt around it) and daydreaming about my next blythe, who comes wearing a sweet pinafore dress. so i have many plans for making big aprons and tiny aprons and pinafore dresses…

  3. kate says:

    I love those baby girl pinafores too– I just made two of them for my 15 month old. Your dolls with aprons are going to be adorable!

  4. amy k. says:

    oh-yes I want it! It is so lovely! thank you!! and I know, that cross-over one piece with the doggy is wonderful-so glad that aprons are in the air and on the brain.

  5. jenn says:

    too many projects!! there are just too many inspirational things on your site. I will have to combine and make a pojagi apron…

  6. kim says:

    wow! So much fun. I didn’t realize that one little post could create so much fun and frenzy. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  7. kristen says:

    there is definitely some weird apron-vibe going around. i found an old, dainty, ruffly apron number at an antique shop last friday that i debated about purchasing for about 20 minutes. i didn’t, but have been thinking about it since. i seem to be noticing aprons everywhere these days. great idea with the baby dress/smock/apron action!

  8. nichola says:

    Hi Hillary,
    I don’t know if you know but i read your blog daily and think it’s fab. I have a question for you. I noticed that you have auctions on your blog and i’d love to be able to do this. Could you help me by giving me some info on how to go about this. I will be changing my blog over to typepad in the next week so hopefully this will be better.

  9. Shirra says:

    All things point toward aprons. Going through my stash I found 2 fabrics, one stripey and one dots, that were destined to be two sides of a reversible apron. I thought about trying to find the pattern, now I have been inspired.
    The Japanese aprons are fantastic! Thanks for all these great links.

  10. Mariko says:

    How do you find such great Japanese online shops?!? Those utility aprons are great. A friend in Japan sent me a very Japanesey one. I was thinking I should wear it when I’m sewing!

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